Glass Bong Precoolers & Ashcatchers

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Useful information about Glass Bong Precoolers & Ashcatchers

Precoolers and Ashcatchers are the essential attachment to maximize a pure smoking experience. Whether you’re simply trying to keep the beauty of your bong at its most pristine or are searching for a smoother, more full flavored hit, a Preecooler and or Ashcatcher is just what you need to create a smoking session you won’t forget.

The intended use of these lovely little contraptions are to prolong the cleanliness of your bongs by creating an extra barrier between direct resins, ash and particles so that your main smoking piece is kept cleaner for longer. They also add another cycle of cooling, as that hot hit of smoke passes through an additional cycle of water it cools down the smoke ensuring larger cleaner hits.

These are perfect for the everyday stoner and those who intend on keeping their glass clean and their smoke even cleaner. There is nothing like the smoothness an Ashcatcher provides when smoking; and nothing that is better at stopping grime being sucked up into your favorite bong.

Here at Molino Glass we have a wide variety of Precooler and Ashcatcher attachments providing both cleaner glass and cleaner lungs. Grab one to perfect your smoking experience!

Ashcatchers really do make a difference! By adding an extra layer of diffusion the smoke is sent through not one, but two cooling phases, creating a smoother toke. But that isn’t all an Ashcatcher can do for you! It acts as a shield for your bong—taking the brunt of the ash and resins so that little to no grime builds up in your actual bong.

We here at Molino Glass recommend our very own organic glass cleaner to fight off buildup and resins in both Ashcatchers and bongs when it all begins to be too much, but an Ashcatcher is the first step in protecting you and your glass from grime.

An Ashcatcher is the perfect fit to keep resins and buildup from reaching your bong! It obviously can’t keep a bong clean entirely, but it certainly does reduce the buildup of ash and resin from reaching the base of your bong. It collects all debris and particles so that your bong is kept clean and safe so that the only thing entering your bong is pure smoke. That means no resin and no ash in your water! Which in turn means a cleaner bong. It’s considered the perfect attachment in keeping your bong fresh and new looking after each smoke session. That extra layer of protection in each Ashcatcher or Precooler insists on trapping the impurities and tar, filtering all pollution from out of both your lungs and glass to stay cleaner longer.

Ashcatchers are great for dabbing! We know the same as you that at times a dab can sometimes be a bit hot for your lungs and throat. An Ashcatcher or Precooler acts as a perfect defense, cleaning all impurities and cooling the smoke for a smoother, easier dabbing experience. Ashcatchers hold onto the thick, sticky reclaim of dab oil so that your rig doesn’t have too!

It’s no shock that an Ashcatcher will at times get clogged, after all it’s meant to be the first line of defense in keeping your actual bong clean! That means it’s sucking in all the impurities and tar with each hit. We here at Molino Glass recommend our very own organic glass bong cleaners in keeping your glass as clean as possible and looking brand new! Just simply dilute the cleaner at a 1:10 ratio with warm water and let it soak into your dirtied up Ashcatcher and or Precooler, then rinse. A good rule of thumb is to first rince the piece out with hot water, gently swirling the water around to loosen up that sticky resin. Rinse, then do the same with your solution of Molino glass cleaner, gently swirling around the liquid as it grabs hold of gunk and tar. Let the solution sit and soak for a good five to ten minutes, allowing the cleaner to do its magic!

Rinse once more with warm water and watch as your Ashcatcher magically returns to new! All the resins and buildup will flush out of the piece, unclogging the holes and keeping you smoking cleanely and peacefully!

As long as you have the right measurement you can add an Ashcatcher to practically any bong! It’s as easy as sliding your favorite glass bowl into a downstem. Have fun with it! The opportunities are endless when it comes to customizing your bongs and dab rigs. You can even add an additional Ashcatcher onto another Ashcatcher to further the purity of your smoke! Try adding an Ashcatcher to every bong you smoke out of to enhance its cleanliness and smoothness, not to mention it simply looks cool! Currently at Molino Glass, we only have Ashcatchers and Precoolers with a connecting joint size of 14.5mm.

Yes! Ashcatchers reinforce your bong with a protective shield against, you guessed it, ash! Nothing works more effectively than an Ashcatcher against the quick buildup of grime in a bong. Our Molino Glass Ashcatchers and Precoolers feature percolators as well as diffusers to further protect your lungs and bong from getting dirtied up. An Ashcatcher ensures a longer, cleaner, cooler smoke, offering a great addition to any and all of your bongs.

Simply fill the Ashcatcher with cool water and attach to your favorite bong via the downstem. The glass of our Molino Glass Ashcatchers slide easily into place and hold for a long lasting, pure smoke session. Place the bowl into the top slide of the Ashcatcher or Precooler and smoke from out of it as you normally would. Watch as the smoke bubbles and bounces from your Ashcatcher and into your bong, capturing all impurities on the way, ensuring your bong stays clean and your smoke stays cool. Use an Ashcatcher on every bong you use to prolong the cleanliness of your precious glass!

An Ashcatcher can help in more ways than one. Not only do they keep you from tasting the unpleasant, nastiness of resin buildup, they also provide you with a cooled down, smooth hit. A good Molino Ashcatcher is sure to provide you with both. Give one a try!

Yes! An Ashcatcher is supposed to contain water to help diffuse and cool down the smoke from a bong rip. Just make sure you’re not adding too much to avoid leakage which involves sucking in the ash ridden water into your clean bong. Put cool water into the Ashcatcher just in the same way you would add it to your bong, just barely covering the dowstem or diffuser.

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