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Stemless Bongs

Useful information about Stemless Bongs

People often want to know the difference between Stemmed Bongs and Stemless Bongs.

Stemmed Bongs are the traditional type of bong, and the one you have probably seen the most.

Stemmed Bongs have a removable glass tube, called the ‘Stem’ which connects the bowl, where you put your flower, to the base of the bong, where the water is. This glass tube is called the ‘stem’ or the ‘downstem’. The stem is the how the smoke from the bowl moves down into the water and the on through the bong to your lungs.

A Stemless bong does not have a removable glass downstem, instead the Stemless Bong will have a permanent connection from the bowl to the water in the base of the bong. Stemless bongs usually also have a built-in percolator in their base, so that the smoke is diffused as it is drawn through the water.

There really isn’t a lot of difference between the functionality of a Stemless bong compared to one with a stem. However, some people prefer the simplicity of not having a separate downstem.

The standard height of our Stemless Bongs is 15 inches tall (40 cm) and they almost all have a main tube diameter of around 2 inches (5 cm).

Our Stemless bongs are all made with 5 mm or 7 mm thick borosilicate glass. This ensures that they are strong and will give you many years of enjoyment.

Our Stemless bongs range in price from less than $100 and go up to over $100.

Cleaning your Stemless bong is very important. We recommend you use our Molino Organic Glass Cleaner. to ensure your bong stays in top condition.
Most of our Stemless Bongs are priced over $99 which means they include our bong insurance. If you accidentally break your Stemless Bong within one year of purchase, we will sell you a replacement for only 50% of the replacement retail price.

A stemless bong is an excellent way to smoke cannabis concentrates. You will need a quartz banger that has a 90 degree bend.

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