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Bubble Rocket Percolator Bong

Bubble Rocket Percolator Bong

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Stemless Bong with an amazing screen diffuser and a highly efficient shower head percolator.

Double chamber filtration system for an excellent & smooth smoking experience.

This bong comes with a bowl and a Free Bonus Quartz Banger, so you can use it for both flower and dabs!


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 14.5
  • Round Cup - Joint Size 14.5
  • Double Chamber System, Great Filtration
Accessories - These are included when you buy this Product

Bubble Rocket

3…2…1… We have ignition! The Bubble Rocket is a truly awesome piece of glass art. It’s a really beautiful stemless glass bong with an amazing screen diffuser and a highly efficient shower head percolator. The double chamber filtration system ensures an exceptionally smooth smoking experience.

You’ll have as much fun watching your friends use this as you will using it yourself. The intricate glass work on this model really does make it stand out from the rest. Get ready for launch, light it up and blast off!

Rocket, Man!

The Bubble Rocket is one of our more distinctive glass bongs and we are very proud of it. It’s a mid priced item that represents incredible value for money. This requires extremely high class glassblowing techniques. Made from incredibly strong 5mm Pyrex Glass, It stands statuesque 40cm high and has a diameter of 50mm. Believe us when we say, this Molino Glass bong will take to to the stars!

Molino Glass Bongs’ Usual Quality

Here at Molino Glass Bongs we use extremely thorough quality control methods. Every single piece is checked and double checked before it leaves our factory. This consistency gives our valued customers confidence. Whether you are buying the most expensive percolator bong or the simplest bowl, you can rest assured that it will be the very best.

The Bubble Rocket is a superb, stylish glass bong that will provide hours of great experiences. It is also great value for money.

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