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LEAF Candy Cones Pink (40 Cones)

LEAF Candy Cones Pink (40 Cones)

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Introducing our LEAF brand Pre-Rolled Candy Cones, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully packaged in a classic 16 oz glass Ball mason jar.

Designed for the discerning smoker, our Candy Cones offer convenience without compromise. Each cone is pre-rolled to perfection, ready to be filled with your preferred tobacco or herbs. Say goodbye to the hassle of hand-rolling and hello to effortless enjoyment.

Our mason jar isn't just for show. Featuring a secure 2-part lid and band, it ensures an airtight seal, keeping your herbs fresh and dry for whenever the mood strikes. And when you've savored the last puff, repurpose the jar to stylishly store your smoking essentials.

Embracing sustainability, our packaging opts for environmentally friendly glass over plastic, reflecting our commitment to a greener smoking experience. Plus, our Pure Vegan Rolling Papers uphold our dedication to conscious consumption – because smoking responsibly is just as important as smoking well.

Crafted in Spain with meticulous attention to detail, each King Size Slim cone guarantees a consistent and satisfying smoke. With a length of 110mm and a tip length of 20mm, our cones offer a perfect balance of size and flavor.

And with 40 pre-rolled LEAF Cones per jar, you'll always have an ample supply on hand. Choose from Pink, Blue, or Green to suit your style.

Experience the convenience and quality of LEAF Pre-Rolled Cones – the effortless way to elevate your smoking ritual. Hand-rolled with care, sourced sustainably, and enjoyed responsibly, our cones are a testament to the art of smoking done right.

LEAF Cones Specifications:

  • Paper: Made in Spain
  • Cone Size: King Size Slim
  • Length: 110 mm
  • Tip Length: 20 mm
  • Contains 40 Pre-Rolled LEAF Cones
  • Mason Jar: 473 ml / 16 oz / 1 US Pints
  • Environmentally friendly glass instead of plastic
  • Available in Pink, Blue and Green
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