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40 LEAF Pre-Rolled KSS Cones in a 16 oz Ball Mason Jar

40 LEAF Pre-Rolled KSS Cones in a 16 oz Ball Mason Jar

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Elevate your smoking experience with 40 premium LEAF brand pre-rolled cones, neatly nestled in a classic 16 oz glass Ball mason jar.

Designed to keep your LEAF cones impeccably fresh and dry, this jar doubles as a stylish storage solution for all your smoking essentials.

Featuring a two-part lid and band, our Mason Jar ensures an airtight seal, preserving the potency and flavor of your herbs.

Opt for eco-conscious glass over plastic, aligning with your commitment to sustainability.

Delight in the convenience of our Pure Vegan Rolling Papers – the greenest way to indulge in your favorite smoke.

Skip the hassle of rolling and dive straight into the pleasure of smoking. Our Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones are meticulously crafted for seamless enjoyment. Perfect for those who value efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Each cone is meticulously crafted using premium papers sourced from Spain, offering a smooth, even burn every time. Our commitment to quality means you can indulge confidently, knowing your smoke is free from harmful additives.

  • Paper Origin: Spain
  • Cone Size: King Size Slim
  • Length: 110 mm
  • Tip Length: 20 mm
  • Quantity: 40 Pre-Rolled LEAF Cones
  • Jar Capacity: 473 ml / 16 oz / 1 US Pint

Experience LEAF Pre-Rolled Cones

Savor the simplicity of Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones – the ultimate solution for enthusiasts who prioritize convenience without compromising on quality. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a novice, our pre-rolls offer a hassle-free alternative to hand-rolling, ensuring every session is effortless and enjoyable. Elevate your smoke with LEAF – because your pleasure deserves perfection.

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