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Raw Classic Connoisseur KS Slim + Tips

Raw Classic Connoisseur KS Slim + Tips

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  • Size: 110 mm
  • 32 Leaves per booklet
  • 32 Filter tips per booklet
  • Rice Paper and Natural Hemp-Based Gum
  • Additive-free and 100% Vegan
  • Translucent Ultra-Thin Papers
  • Single Pack

RAW Natural Rolling Papers have developed a cult-like following around the World. Molino brings you RAW Classic Connoisseur King Size Slim complete with tips. You get 34 papers in each pack, which represents amazing value for money. We also stock their Classic Artesano King Size Slims as well.

RAW papers are unadulterated, unprocessed rolling papers, not like anything that you have smoked, or possibly even seen before. If you are new to them, we feel certain you will notice a difference, immediately. The paper is a semi-transparent natural brown color. This is, of course, because no bleaching has been added to their manufacture. RAW papers are wafer-thin; you can see right through them.

Individual papers are watermarked with the RAW Criss-Cross logo. This special watermark in addition, to identifying them, helps prevent runs and maintains a really smooth even-burning. This is what made RAW famous, in the first place.

RAW Classic Connoisseurs King Size Slim papers are available from Molino Glass Bongs to suit the most discerning smoking connoisseur. Enjoy your favorite herb in its purest RAW form.

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