Honeycomb Bowl – Ruby

$14.95 $12.71


Honeycomb Bowl – Ruby

$14.95 $12.71


Hand Crafted Honeycomb Bowl in rich, ruby red color.


  • Ruby Honeycomb Design
  • Bowl Size: 2.2 cm X 2.2 cm
  • Joint Size: 14.5

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Ruby Honeycomb Bowl

This attractive honeycomb bowl is constructed from our usual heat resistant Pyrex glass. It  is equipped with a super efficient honeycomb screen. The screen prevents unwanted ash or crumbs of herb from getting into the bong. The bowl is 2.2 cm X 2.2 cm in size and has a joint size of 14.5 mm.

These bongs are very simple in construction and use. They do however deliver consistently strong hits and are the bong of choice for many. The rich ruby color makes the Molino Glass Bongs’ version, stand out in a crowd.

Molino Pyrex Glass

It is worth repeating. Pyrex glass is simply the best there is for bong manufacture. It is clear, easy to clean, strong and heat resistant. All Molino products use the same high quality of glass. Each product is made under the same strict production methods. Our artisans have immense pride in their work and incredible ability.

The actual glass blowing is only part of the process. The way in which they infuse the color, makes for extremely attractive products. This rich, ruby red honeycomb bowl is no exception. It is stunning.

Oh Ruby, don’t take your love to town, share it around!

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