Organic Glass Cleaner



Organic Glass Cleaner




  • 100% highly effective organic bio degradable glass cleaner
  • 1:10 mixing ratio (warm water) – a real money saver
  • No brush needed, no breakage,  just soak it in water and let the cleaner do its job
  • Leaves no hard water spots – glass will look like new
  • Can be used to clean multiple materials, very useful in any household
  • Fresh lemon smell
  • Availabe in 100 ml or 250 ml bottle
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Organic Glass Cleaner

Look after your bong and it will look after you. And while you’re at it,  why not look after the planet at the same time. This is the best product available to clean your glassware. It’s 100% organic and biodegradable and does the job superbly well. Mix one part solution with 10 parts water for the perfect cleaning solution. Simply soak your bong in the water and it will emerge in spotless condition. All hard water or grease spots will be eradicated.

Molino Glass Bongs Organic Glass Cleaner has been especially formulated to provide the best possible clean for all your Molino products. With a refreshing lemon aroma it can also be used to clean many other of your household products. The lack of a need to brush reduces the risk of chipping or scratching the glass. Simply leave your bongs in the water for an hour or two,  or even better overnight, and they will emerge spotless!

Available in two sizes: 100 ml or 250 ml

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