Cyclone Pen Vaporizer Kit


The Rokin Cyclone Pen Vaporizer Kit is the latest and most advanced vaporizer yet! The Cyclone features a patent-pending waterless cooling chamber built into the atomizer to discreetly deliver you smooth cool hits without the use of a bubbler attachment. Check out the 3D model in the image gallery to see what it looks like inside. Along with its newly designed ceramic mouthpiece, the Cyclone will provide you with the most sophisticated vaping experience yet!

The Cyclone provides the accessories for all types of users, including both dual quartz and ceramic plate leak resistant atomizers for whatever your preference is. It also comes with 4 temperature settings and our brand new 14 second active mode (2 clicks) for a continuous vaping experience.

The Cyclone has proven to be discreet and advanced, featuring the latest technology and all the needed accessories to get you started.

Now featuring micro USB charging

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