Carb Caps: What are they and do I need one?

If you are a dabber or someone considering venturing into the world of dabbing, you will want to know about carb caps. What are they and how do they work? Essentially, a carb cap is a dabbing tool that we use to trap the heat and vapor from the banger, allowing us to get our hits at a lower temperature. Dabbing at a lower temperature gives us a better tasting and stronger hit from our concentrates, and it also prevents the oils or waxes from burning away too quickly.

How does a carb cap work?

If you’ve ever smoked a bong, you are probably already familiar with the term ‘carb hole’. This is the hole we cover with our finger or thumb, and then uncover to clear the smoke from the chamber. A ‘carb cap’ is similar in principle. The word ‘carb" is a shortened term for ‘carburetor’ - a device in a car engine that helps regulate the airflow and pressure. And that's exactly what our ‘carb holes’ and ‘carb caps’ do. Bongs have ‘carb holes’, and dabbing rigs can be improved with the addition of a ‘carb cap.’ When dabbing, we place the carb cap above the banger and trap the heat. As we are trapping the heat, we can get the concentrates to combust at a lower temperature, meaning we get our hit without destroying any of the cannabinoids or terpenes. Dabbing at a higher temperature will still get you high, but the flavor and potency of the hit will suffer as the high heat destroys some of those essential ingredients.

If you’re new to the art of dabbing, you may make the age-old mistake of thinking that you need to heat the banger to as high a temperature as you can. This is not the way to dab. We need sufficient temperature so that the concentrate vaporizes, but not too much so that it vaporizes in an instant. We’re looking for a temperature of between 300 degrees and 400-degrees Fahrenheit. With a carb cap to help, we then trap this heat and preserve this temperature for longer. This means we get a smoother, tastier, more powerful hit, and with the vapor trapped, we can also take a bit more time between breaths to clear the chamber completely. All-in-all, we’re getting a more flavorful and a more potent hit—double win!

Choosing a Carb Cap

When selecting a carb cap, there are a few points to pay attention to. Carb caps come in different shapes and sizes, and you will want to select one that will fit and work with your dabbing rig. Some carb caps, like the Mushroom Carb Cap, can be used with any sized dabbing rig. Not only will this carb cap improve your dabbing experience, it also looks like it’s been stolen from Mario’s own smoking kit.

Other carb caps may only work with specific dab rigs, depending on their size. The aesthetically-simple Ball Carb Cap, for example, should be used with bangers that have a 10 mm to 20 mm opening. If your dab rig is within this range, then this bad boy is worth checking out. Made from high-quality quartz glass, these excellent carb caps are designed to last, making them a great addition to your arsenal of smoking tools. Also made from tough quartz glass, the Quartz Saucer Carb Cap is another great choice. These carb caps are designed to be the perfect companion to the Gravel Quartz Banger with its 14.5mm opening.

Perhaps the ultimate in cool, though, is the vortex design. The Vortex Carb Cap is also a perfect fit for the Gravel Quartz Banger, and will be an instant hit from the moment of your first hit through this gorgeous design. This vortex design uses atmospheric pressure and spinning to draw heat away from the banger. The design features a hollow disc with an opening at the center. As you draw vapor through the dab rig, the hollow disc turns over and spins while pulling air into its center, creating an anti-tempest effect that allows you to get a potent-yet-smooth hit with the minimum of breathing effort.

So, if you are just getting into dabbing, or are thinking of doing so, you should investigate carb cap options too. Why would anyone pass up a tool that can make smoking more enjoyable and hits more potent? Don’t forget that a good carb cap can also reduce the waste caused by burning concentrates at too high a temperature, essentially allowing you more hits from your stash! Select your carb cap today and take your dabbing to the next level...

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