Dab Rigs and Dabbing Tools 2022

Long past are the days of using heated knives to smoke your favorite cannabis concentrate. We now, through modern innovation, have the means to enjoy concentrates in a variety of casual and technical ways. i.e. the dab rig.

Dabbing rigs are in simpler terms a bong for cannabis concentrates such as: hash, shatter, budder, live resin and so forth. Oftentimes dab rigs come in the less classic beaker bong style and instead in a more uniform, unique and smaller style piece usually always composed of glass. Not to say there aren't any dab rigs aside from the classic mini dab rigs—in fact, we sell them in all shapes and sizes! Whether you're a dab taking veteran or new to this side of smoking, we here at Molino Glass got you covered. From the dab rig itself, to mini dab rigs, carb caps, bangers and a wide variety of dab accessories and dabbing tools, you will find everything you need to get started with ease.

So how do you take a dab and what exactly will you need to get started?

First, you will need to get your hands on one of our all glass hand blown dab rigs. They come in all shapes in sizes, some with stems and others without, equipped with diffusers and more times than not multiple chambers to increase the cooling and purity of your dabs, never sparing any of the flavor of your concentrate.

We also carry the essential dabbing tools, including glass dabbing tools. There are multiple carb caps with plenty of shapes and designs to customize your smoke session and many unique and stylish quartz bangers to enhance your dabbing experience.

To get started you’ll need to load up your stainless steel or glass dabber with a grain sized nub of oil. Next heat up your quartz banger with a torch that is placed in lieu of a bowl piece until the bottom gets to a nice cherry red hotness. Make sure that your dab rig is filled with the proper amount of water in just the same way you would fill a bong. Gently swirl the dabber around the banger while sucking through the top of the tube or mouthpiece until your concentrate is bubbly and melted. You will notice the glorious vapors rising through the water bubbling to further purify and cool the smoke. Once all of your concentrate has melted off the dabber and into your banger you will need to take your carb cap of choice and cover the top of the quartz banger, gently moving it up and down, left and right. This step is essential as it adjusts the air flow of your hit and maximizes smoke output. You’ll want to find the perfect balance between restriction and suction. Remove the carb cap as the smoke starts to thin. Release the inhaled vapors and voilà! You have just successfully taken your very first dab!

Now we know after that you must be feeling great and floaty as your cannabis concentrate is much stronger and incredibly pure compared to your casual flower products, but keep up as you are about to learn the difference between a dab rig and a mini dab rig. There are many details that can change your smoking experience and many tools that allow you to customize it as well—so here I will let you in on the main difference between the two. The first noticeable change between the two is obviously the size. A mini dab rib might be a little daunting as it really is tiny. And I mean tiny! A normal glass dabbing rig, usually the size of a normal bong, is easier on the eyes especially if you're used to smoking cannabis out of a classic bong. Both have their inherent strengths though.

A mini dab rig, although smaller and sometimes harder to get the hang of, maximizes the flavor of your cannabis concentrate. This is oftentimes the preferred dabbing rig for your more experienced concentrate user and can be easily toted around with you on any and all adventures you might embark on. To parties, beaches, on a walk or even a short trip to the backyard, our mini dab rigs follow you wherever you go.

Now, onto our bigger glass dabbing rigs. These things pack a punch! With a longer main tube and more space for diffuser chambers and percolators you can expect a wallop of a hit. The longer or bigger the rig the more time the vapor has to cool meaning a massively smooth dabbing session! They are perfect for a chill day on the couch or even on the porch watching the sunset.

Dab accessories, as well as dabbing and glass dabbing tools.

You will need a dabber and we've got you covered. From our reliable classic stainless steel dabbers, both iridescent and classic steel, to our more unique glass dabber tools, you’ll be loading up dabs on these bad boys for years to come! We at Molino Glass also have a solid variety of carb caps and quartz bangers, too. A solid selection of classic bangers to our more renowned ball carb cap, to saucer and vortex carb caps, you’ll find everything you need to keep on dabbing! We also carry a more artsy carb cap in the design of a mushroom to spice things up a bit. Now when it comes to our quartz bangers there are multiple choices to go for from here. You can’t go wrong with our classic quartz bangers. We sell them in all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into your dab rig or even a precooler to enhance flavor and purity. Some of our quartz bangers sit at a 45 to 90 degree angle, making dropping in your concentrates and applying the carb cap more accessible and taking dabs with ease! It would be hard to find no room to further customize and perfect your glass dabbing rig with the plentiful selection of carb caps and quartz bangers we serve right here at Molino Glass.

So what's stopping you? Get your hands on one of our classic glass dabbing rigs or mini dab rigs and start smoking! Don’t forget to customize and have fun with our different designs and dab accessories, and as always stay high Molino gang!

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