Do mini dabbing rigs hit hard?

You know what they say, big things come in small packages. And that is most certainly the case when it comes to our Molino Glass mini dabbing rigs! These things pack a punch fatter than you can pack a bowl and there's a reason for that—but we’ll get to the logistics later. For now let's ask the important and much simpler question: Do mini dab rigs really hit harder than their larger sized counterparts? The answer may not be so cut and dry. So, I’m here to give you the answer straight. Well, sort of.

What is a Mini Dabbing Rig?

First things first for all you newbies and or outright curious people out there on the internet who may be asking themselves, “what even are dab rigs let alone small dabbing rigs?” That I can answer simply. A dab rig is comparable to a bong in many ways as they are both used for ingesting THC which has been filtered through water. For the bong you’re more than likely combusting flowers in big deep bowls and inhaling smoke like a chimney. For the dab rig you are cleanly vaporizing cannabis concentrate by melting oils on a nail or glass banger and inhaling the delicious vapors. Both are great and both serve a purpose. In order to properly use a glass dabbing rig you’ll need to slightly cover the diffuser in the base of the rig with water, heat the nail or banger till it's hot enough to melt the oil (this is a whole other beast of a conversations), swirl the oil off your dab tool into the banger and inhale through the mouthpiece. It’s just that easy.

How do you use a Mini Dab Rig?

Now that we have covered the bases, let's get to the meat of this thing. One thing that I will say about a normal dab rig in comparison to a mini dab rig is the ease in which you can use it, especially if you aren't used to dabbing yet. The smaller size can make it difficult to place the dabbing tool that holds the wax into the banger all while taking a steady hit from out the mouthpiece. Luckily that's not too big of a deal and the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to having a mini dab rig over having a bigger sized dab rig. Plus, using a dab tool that has a curve to it like our Glass Sword Dabbing Tool easily fixes this problem. But, what can be a downside is actually the biggest upside and is really the major thing that sets itself apart from its larger counterpart. Having a smaller design most would imagine that the hits would follow suit, producing a miniature hit that will hardly satisfy. That could not be further from the truth. The miniscule surface area inside of the rig allows the smoke to billow up and pass through to your mouth and lungs faster than when having to pass through larger shaped pieces. This allows you to pull in massive hits with ease and with much less lung power required. More smoke equals a better high and for that reason alone a mini dab rig does in fact hit harder than your run of the mill dab rig. Not that there's anything wrong with a regular sized dab rig, both are proficient in delivering a sustainable, delicious high.

Other Benefits of a Mini Dabbing Rigs

Speaking of delicious, that is something you will 100% notice when hitting a small dab rig. One might think that having a much larger amount of vapor entering your lungs would end up producing a harsher taste. In fact, the smaller shape savors the flavor. These miniature heavy hitters have such a tiny designed body that there is little to absolutely no chance for the smoke to sit and become stale. That is a big beneficial plus in comparison to the larger counterparts as you will be pulling and pulling smoke through the piece in an attempt to get a larger hit only for the vapor to rest in the base and or tube and begin to grow a nasty, harsh and stale tasting hit. What a terrible thing to do to your tasty, much sought after cannabis oils. Luckily for you that’ll never be a problem with a shape that is designed to produce hard hitting, flavor saving hits that are built to please with ease.

Choosing a Mini Dabbing Rig

There's nothing inherently wrong with one or the other when it comes to a normal or a mini dabbing rig. There are little intricacies that can either add or take away from the smoking experience and it all boils down to personal preference, although, the most significant and deal breaking factor you simply can't count out is the difference in vapor output which is greatly improved upon with a mini dabbing rig. If you're looking to get your very first mini dab rig to see what all the hype is about, go ahead and try out something on the simpler side with our perfectly sound designed “Earth” beaker bong style mini dab rig. This piece, along with our other mini dab rigs comes with an additional bowl to switch out for smoking flower for when you want to switch things up. It is the perfect example of the phrase, “big things come in small packages.” Our Molino Glass mini dabbing rigs won't disappoint! Come pick up yours today.

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