Do weed bubblers work as well as bongs?

Do weed bubblers work as well as bongs? It’s an age-old question with a simple answer: yes. Both are made for smoking your favorite flower, both contain water to maximize purity and flavor of your herbs and both are normally made from glass. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong when it comes to choosing either—both, in fact, are perfectly made for your smoking pleasure. What it really comes down to is personal taste and the conditions in which you are regularly smoking. Luckily for you here at Molino Glass we sell both and with a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. But if you’re struggling with deciding on which one to get, here are a few of the main differences and the perks and cons that differentiate the two.

A glass bong is often considered the quintessential smoking piece for any stoner new or or old and there is good reason for this. It’s large, easy to handle, hard to break and is smoothed and cooled with its simple but oftentimes intricate water filtration system. You really can't go wrong with a good bong. The flower is loaded into your bowl, lit and then smoke is pulled through a tube called a “downstem” which is further drawn through the base containing the water where the smoke passes through the water bubbling to further cool the smoke. This process is very simple and incredibly satisfying with a large intoxicating hit guaranteed. The water in the bong is perhaps the most important part of this particular smoking experience as it cleans and purifies the smoke, holding all impurities and debris you don’t want to be putting into your lungs inside of the water, never allowing any of that nastiness to enter your body. It is also worth mentioning that the flavor of your herbs is accentuated leaving you with quite a happy high.

About Weed Bubblers

Now let's get to the meat of glass weed bubblers. These things sure can pack a hit! Think a bong but in a comfortable handheld shape the size of a casual glass pipe and in many ways are like the sister piece to a bong. They are compact, water filtered and ready to go when you are with less hassle than a bong. Just in the same way a bong filters the smoke for an enjoyable, clean smoking experience, the bubbler does too. You simply need to fill the bubbler with just enough water that it bubbles—hence the name bubbler. You can do this by slowly adding water either through the mouthpiece or the bowl, periodically hitting it in order to test if there is enough or at times too much water inside the piece. The next is history! All you gotta do now is load up the bowl with some ground marijuana, light it up and smoke it exactly how you would smoke a pipe. It is just that easy!

The differences between Weed Bubblers and a Bong

The differences between the two are quite subtle. A bong is clearly in its nature much larger than a glass weed bubbler. This more often than not means a much larger hit than that of a hit you would get from a bubbler. But don’t get it twisted, great things come in small packages and that's just what you will get when smoking out of a glass bubbler. They both share the beauty of purifying your smoke through water and they both pack a wallop of a clean hit enhancing any smoke session you might share with friends or on your own. A glass bong may need less cleaning than that of a bubbler but that all depends on your smoking habits and how often you use one or the other. When in doubt though, we at Molino Glass sell a great affordable glass cleaner that is 100% natural and 100% ready to take down any grime or residue left over. That being said, a bong in my eyes is more of a homebodies smoking tool. It’s larger, harder to carry and or conceal, whereas a glass bubbler can be easily stowed to and from your house to any and all locations by simply placing it in your pocket or bag. The fact that bongs are usually quite large also adds extra work in the smoking circle in comparison to using a bubbler which can easily be handed left or right to anyone with ease. Inherently a bubbler is great for travel and stealth which is something you really can’t get from a bong. It requires less work, less water and still produces a deliciously pure hit within seconds of deciding to smoke.

Deciding between Weed Bubblers and a Bong

So, in deciding whether or not a bong or a glass bubbler is for you, realize that it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Think within yourself whether you smoke more on the go or are more of an at home stoner. Do you smoke privately, or share in large circles? There are little differences in the two but sometimes the little differences can make big changes in a person's life. It’s not to say that one is better than the other. They both have their benefits and hardly share any downsides. It’s really up to you and your style of smoking. Make sure to check out our variety of bongs and glass bubbles and choose one that fits your smoking style! Here at Molino Glass we’ve got it all! Happy smoking!

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