Do You Need a Weed Grinder for Your Weed?

Let’s face it, as stoners, we like things to be simple, easy, and convenient. And a simple piece of kit that will make your stoner life simpler is the good, old weed grinder. Whether you’re hand-rolling joints, or getting your hits from a bong, a good quality grinder for your weed will make your life easy like Sunday morning. No more sticky fingers; no more big lumps of bud burning unevenly; and less time spent picking and more time spent smoking are just some of the reasons why grinders for weed are an essential tool for any self-respecting stoner. Let’s have a look at some of the best weed grinders and the features that make them so indispensable.

Why Use a Weed Grinder?

If you have ever spent the night picking at your buds to break them up, you know how sticky your fingers get. All that sticky goodness on your fingers is a waste. You should be smoking that! When you grind your weed, we don’t get this problem; more of the sticky goodness will remain in the mix, and you will feel the benefit.

If you are a joint smoker, you will probably already know that rolling joints is much easier when your fingers aren’t sticky. It’s easy to tear a delicate rolling paper when it keeps sticking to your finger tips. When you invest in a grinder for your weed, this problem will be a thing of the past.

Another reason why a weed grinder is an essential piece of equipment is that they ensure our buds are broken down into small, uniformly-sized pieces. This ensures the joint or bowl will smoke evenly and smoothly. When picking at your stash with your fingers, the pieces are all different sizes, and the occasional larger piece gets by us too. A quality weed grinder will help you get smoother smokes from your bong and help your joints burn slowly and more evenly.

Picking bits off your bud by hand is also time-consuming. Who wants to spend their evening picking at their weed instead of smoking it? Just pop it into the grinder, and a few turns later you have lovely, universally-sized morsels of bud waiting to be smoked within seconds.

But the most important reason for investing in a weed grinder, for many, is to catch the kief! This cannabinoid-rich concentrate is made whenever you break down weed, but when you are breaking the weed down by hand, all this goodness is lost. To capture the kief, you need a weed grinder with a pollen screen and a compartment below the screen to catch the kief. Once the kief has gathered, you can sprinkle it into your joints and bowls for an extra kick to the hit.

So now that we understand why it’s good to have a grinder for your weed, let’s have a look at the different options we sell.

Wooden Weed Grinders

In addition to being budget-friendly, the classic wooden weed grinder is aesthetically pleasing and feels good in your hands. The classic one-compartment design of the wooden weed grinder will not catch your kief, but it will grind your buds down for a smooth smoke, and they will keep your fingers clean too.

Metal Weed Grinders

A little pricier than a wooden weed grinder, a grinder fashioned from metal has a few advantages. They are very durable and easier to clean than their wooden counterparts. Another reason why a metal weed grinder is a good choice is that each section is usually one solid piece of metal. The wooden grinders have metal teeth embedded into the base and the top section. Over time, these come loose and fall out, making your grinder less effective. This is not an issue with the metal grinders.

But the big advantage of the metal weed grinders is that they are more commonly found with a kief compartment too. You just need to keep grinding weed and smoking it, and over time you will gather a fair amount of kief in the bottom section to enjoy. Metal grinders with kief compartments are arguably the best weed grinders on the market!

Electric Weed Grinders

For the ultimate in convenience when preparing your weed, check out an electric weed grinder! These bad boys take all the effort out of preparing your bud for the next smoke. Simply load the chamber, ensure the lid is correctly fitted (it won’t grind unless it is), press the button, and then it’s time to pack that bowl or to roll that joint. They come with a long-life battery and a USB charging cable and make life very easy.

Our final Thoughts...

Basically, a weed grinder is an essential part of any serious weed smoker's arsenal. The ease with which they grind the bud down in a mess-free manner and the fact that we get a smoother hit are already good enough reasons to invest in a weed grinder. Factor in the fact that we can get weed grinders that will catch and store the kief too, and there really is no argument against getting yourself a grinder for your weed. Check out the excellent range of weed grinders available from Molino Glass, select your new smoking partner, and enjoy the world of grinding!

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