How much does a good Bong cost?

Bongs for weed come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are tall, some are short, some have round bottoms and some even look like they belong in a chemistry lab, however one thing that all bongs have in common is they are perfect for smoking weed. A bong for weed is often a stoner's favorite accessory. But with so many different shapes, sizes, accessories, and prices, shopping for a new weed bong can be an overwhelming task. But by answering a few easy questions, this doesn’t have to be the case.

What is a good bong?

Okay, maybe this isn’t the easiest question. There are a few things that make a good bong and it varies from person to person.

Firstly you have to decide where you will be using your bong. If you are someone who is regularly on the move, a mini bong could be a better choice for you as it is light and compact. If you plan to spark up at home after a long day or blaze with friends, a regular-sized or large bong could be a better option for you. Another factor to consider is, how regularly you use a bong for weed? Smoking weed from a bong can be a little more intense on the lungs for new bong users due to the larger amount of smoke that is produced when compared to a joint for example. This means size does matter. If you are looking for a straightforward classic bong, a straight tube bong is the way to go. The smoke fills the chamber quickly and empties just as quickly. No frills and plenty of bong for your buck. If you are looking for big heavy hits, a beaker bong might be what you need. Due to the shape of these style bongs, they can hold much more smoke. If you are looking for smaller handheld hits a mini bong would be good for you.

While the answer to what a good bong is can be tricky. What material makes a good bong is an easier question to answer. Bongs can be made out of many different materials such as acrylic, ceramic, and even silicone. But by far the most popular and common material for bong making is glass. Glass is the most common and popular weed bong material as it gives the purest, cleanest tasting hits. Pyrex bongs to be specific are perfect as they bled both aesthetics and durability. Pyrex bongs are always eye-catching, coming in many different colors. Not only are Pyrex weed bongs four to six times stronger than regular glass but extremely heat resistant. These good-looking glass bongs are known to withstand temperatures of up to 425 degrees F. Glass bongs are also very versatile and have a wide variety of accessories like downstems, precoolers, and ash catchers. The glass bong has been tried and tested by stoners the world over and many will agree glass is the creme de la creme of bong-making materials.

What affects the price of a Glass Bong?

There are plenty of factors that separate cheap bongs from expensive bongs. As with buying anything you will pay some more for more established bong brands. The aesthetic of a bong is also important in the pricing. Bongs can come in many different cool colors and designs. If you are looking for the looks you are going to have to pay the big bucks. Other things that affect the price of bongs for weed are things like size, type of glass, and the thickness or thinness of the glass.

What is the average cost of a Glass Bong?

With all that said, a good glass bong is not always cheap. The investment, while not too big, is most certainly worth it. Bongs for weed can range anywhere between $16 to $250 from Molino Glass. There are even reports of vintage bongs selling for 100,000s dollars. However, I recommend you keep it simple. With this in mind, you should be able to find yourself a good-quality bong with all the fundamentals for between $50 to $70. This is perfect if you are ordering from Molino Glass, as all orders over $50 come with free shipping. If you are starting out in this big bong world, start with something 8-12 inches. And of course, get yourself a good durable glass bong. If you are worried about your glass bong smashing, again Molino Glass have you covered with their bong insurance on many of best-selling bongs.

Where can you find Bongs for Sale?

All in all, you get what you pay for, luckily Molino Glass often has a wide array of glass bongs for sale. They have a shop full of awesome and colorful bongs for weed, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless of your budget, your style or experience Molino Glass has something for you.

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