How Tall Should My Bong Be?

In the stoner community, there is a debate between tall and short bongs. Some in the cannabis community believe that short bongs are the best because they present a more compact appearance and are portable enough to move around.

Others counter the logic by saying tall bongs are better since they give you the privilege of taking longer hits, provide better suction, and have more room for bong accessories that make for a smoother smoking experience.

We remain on the fence about this controversy because we believe there is no right or wrong answer to the question. Instead, we think the choice ultimately depends on your preferences as a stoner.

What is the average bong height?

Small bongs measure up to six inches, long bongs are usually 18 inches or longer, and average bong heights will fall between 8 to 16 inches.

Are tall bongs better?

Some folks will swear that short bongs are perfect, while others will go for long bongs. The most logical people are those who have come to realize that you can enjoy smoking from a bong regardless of the size as long as it is well made.

To make the decision easier for you, we have decided to share some reasons why someone would want a tall bong versus a short bong.

Short bongs are best for those who seek a portable traveling pipe that’s not a hassle to move around, budget-friendly, smooth, durable, and something that may easily be transformed into a dab rig.

Short bongs are the best for people who prefer to keep their smoking under wraps, but they are also durable and smooth enough to make anyone who purchases them happy.

On the other hand, tall bongs are ideal for those who seek a piece they don’t plan to move around with and possess superior percolation. They may also wish to have a bong to which they can add bong accessories that is easy to clean and nice to show off during their joint sessions.

Long bongs are fantastic choices for everyone, including closet smokers, as long as you don’t plan to move around with them and are not a clumsy person. So does that mean a long bong is better than a shorter one? Not exactly.

Why would someone want a tall bong as opposed to a short bong?

Consider the merits and demerits of both types.

Merits of Long Bongs

  • Better percolation
  • Better diffusion
  • Space for accessories
  • Typically easier to clean

Demerits of Long Bongs


  • More expensive
  • Easily damaged
  • Not optimized for travel
  • Harder to conceal

Merits of Short Bongs

  • More budget friendly
  • May have good percolation
  • Less likely to be knocked over
  • Portable for travel

Demerits of Short Bongs

  • Harder to clean
  • May bot take accessories
  • Not ideal for sharing with friends

Given the above-listed pros and cons, it may seem like long bongs have more perks than short ones, and perhaps that may be true; however, it depends on your preference and what purpose you would like it to serve.

If you choose to go with a long bong, we would recommend the straight tube bongs as they offer great experiences. The straight tube bong is one of two types of water pipes that sports a vertical look.

It is manufactured using single or multiple pieces of borosilicate glass tubing cut with a lathe machine which leaves it standing straight and upright. The look is an iconic one that can be observed in only long bongs.

Some stoners argue that a straight tube bong is more likely to tip when in use than its other counterparts; however, this is not true. Most, if not all straight tubes are equipped with solid pedestal bases that are very secure.

Straight Tubes are a classic bong style preferred by many because it has a continuous channel from the water chamber to the mouthpiece. When you take a hit, the smoke stream follows a direct path and clears up immediately, providing a direct and heavy-hitting experience.

It is most suitable for the more experienced users who like to pair their bongs up with accessories like ash catchers. However, newbie stoners will also enjoy the visibility the straight tubes give them as they enjoy their session.

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