How to clean your bong

So, you got your new favorite Molino Glass bong. You use it everyday. It’s your best friend, it’s reliable and beautiful, it never leaves your side and it NEVER disappoints. But, after a while you start to notice that something isn’t right—that it isn’t as pristine as when it was first shipped to your house. There is a dirty film around the glass and the base where the water sits is slowly becoming layered with a black like tarry substance. Every hit you take becomes harder to swallow as the resins begin to take over and ruin the flavor of your prized buds. It’s natural and bound to happen to any and all bong connoisseurs. You think to yourself, “Man, I sure do miss the good ol’ days.” Well, we hear you. The glory days, the inception of your favorite bong, the days when you could taste every bit of your flower with clarity, hit bowl after bowl in pure bubbly satisfaction. Now wouldn’t it be nice to recapture that glory? Fret no longer, at Molino Glass we have you covered with our very own organic glass bong cleaner!

Everyone knows that after a long day of work people need a shower to clean away the dirt and the grime. So, why should a bong be treated any differently? After a few good sessions your bong it will need a good clean! Nobody wants to toke from a dirty bong! A bong is used to purify the smoke and keep all of those nasty impurities such as tars and resins out of our lungs and inside of the bong which is why it is no surprise that after heavy usage it begins to grow dirty. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a dirty bong means a good bong as it is doing exactly what it set out to do in the first place. Throughout multiple smoke sessions you’ll start to notice that the grime from what’s leftover in the smoke is left floating in your bong water or perhaps even leaching to the side of your pretty glass, making it its very own home, festering and slowly becoming a problem throughout the days. The longer this keeps up the more unhealthy it becomes—and not just for your glass. The stagnant, murky water becomes dangerous to our health because the water inside, if let to sit, can begin to grow molds or fungus which is the last thing you want to be introducing into your body! Afterall, we are smoking a bong in the first place to keep the bad bacterias out of our lungs, not in them. To keep away from lung infection and a down right nasty smoke session you will need to keep it clean. Here is how!

First, you will need a bottle of our very own Molino’s Organic Glass Bong Cleaner. It is a healthy 100% all natural biodegradable glass cleaner that is sure to keep your bong fresh and clean as the day of your first hit. This cleaning solution is so strong that it is diluted by a 1:10 ratio. One part cleaner, ten parts warm water. To get started on the cleaning process you will want to empty your bong of all remaining water. Then drip about 5 to 10 ml of our Organic Glass Bong Cleaner into the bong through either the mouthpiece or stem and add your ten parts warm water. The next step is essential to the cleaning process. Plug the bongs holes. This can be done with corks, rolled up paper towels or even your thumb and palm. Now give that thing a shake! Shake it well and long so that the cleaning solution is mixed thoroughly with the warm water, letting the combination of the two rince through every inch of your bong attacking all the grime and resin build up. Let that solution now sit in your bong for 5 to 10 minutes and watch as it works its magic! For extra dirty bongs you may want to wait an hour or two, even overnight might do it some justice. You will notice that the sticky mess that once before attached itself to the insides of your glass is slowly starting to peel and fall loose into the water and cleaning solution. Then, after you have waited the allotted time, give it another shake and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat as often as needed. You will be amazed within minutes what our Organic Glass Bong Cleaner can do. It will make your bong look fresh and new, revitalized to the glory days, clean and resin free just like the day you first got it! And nothing tastes or hits better than a fresh bong.

In doing this and keeping up with casual, consistent cleaning you will increase the shelf life of your bong and lungs. It not only keeps your bong safe from nasty debris but also can save your lungs for years of smoking to come. It is as easy as a few steps. But if all that seems daunting we recommend emptying out the bongs dirty water with each use or perhaps giving it a good warm water rinse every once in a while to keep your glass in tip top shape! You can and should even take it a step farther with our Molino Glass Organic Resin Block. Simply add five to ten drops of this solution into your water and smoke away. It will keep your water cleaner longer by binding the resins and tars to the water and not the glass itself.

Well, there you have it! It is as simple as that when it comes to keeping your bong and lungs clean and long lasting for years to come. Thanks to Molino Glass you’ll be able to keep it fresh for as long as possible! Happy smoking Molino fam.

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