How to use a Percolator Bong

Tired of coughing like a coal miner when you're trying to chill out with your best buds? Then maybe it’s time for a bong upgrade. If you need something that can give you the sweetest of smooth hits, maybe you should look into getting your first glass percolator bong. Percolator bongs allow for more filtration of the smoke from your sweet leaf, which aids cooling. Cooler smoke translates to a smoother hit. So, if there’s more coughing in your smoking den than at a coal miner’s convention, it’s high time you switched to a super-smooth glass percolator bong for the ultimate smooth hit experience...

What is Percolation?

The dictionary defines percolation as the process of causing a liquid (for example) to pass through a porous substance or small holes. Simply put, it’s filtration. A percolator bong provides more filtration. As we draw the smoke through the system, it is drawn through the water chamber first. Passing through the water cools the smoke. From here, the smoke will then enter the percolator through a single hole at its base. At the other end of the percolator are several more holes. As the smoke reaches these holes, it is divided up into several small bubbles, increasing the surface volume of the smoke which comes into contact with the cooling water. This process also increases the filtration of the smoke, helping to remove impurities such as tar and other toxins. The end result? Cooler smoke, which means smoother hits. Not only is the smoke cooler, but weed bongs with percolators also look pretty cool – check out this Black Jet Percolator Bong if you don’t believe us!

What Else Do I Need to Know about Percolator Bongs?

If you are in the market for the smoothest bong that you can find, then there’s still more to know before you select your new percolator bong. So, what’s smoother than a glass percolator bong? A double percolator bong! Double-percolator bongs have, you guessed it, two percolators to diffuse the smoke. More diffusion equates to more cooling. Check out Molino Glass’s Jelly Fish Double Percolator Bong the two inline percolators literally double the diffusion of the smoke to give an extra-smooth hit.

Another cool feature you may notice on the Jelly Fish Double Percolator Bong is its ice ring. An ice ring, or ice notches on some models, allows us to add a cube of ice to the downstem to cool the smoke even further. The ice cube sits on the top of this ring or notch, and the smoke passes over it as you draw it through the system. As the ice resting on the ice ring melts, the ice-cold water drips down into the water chamber at the bottom. This cools the water, which also adds to the cooling of the smoke as it passes through. Check out the Onyx Passion Double Percolator Bong for a cool looking bong with double percolators and ice notches – that bad boy will give you a super-smooth hit!

Are Double Percolator Bongs Difficult to Clean?

In order to ensure we get smooth, flavorful hits from the bong, we need to keep it nice and clean. At first glance, the percolation system looks very fiddly and difficult to clean. While it’s true that a percolator bong is a little more intricate, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more difficult to keep clean. The key here is to use the correct cleaning products on your new percolator bong. The good news is that glass is pretty easy to clean when we use the right cleaning solutions.

One useful product that will help you keep your new smoking companion clean is Molino Resin Block. Adding a few drops of this 100% organic vegetable-based solution to your new Molino Glass bong will help keep it easy to clean. The resin block concentrate removes tar as the smoke passes through the water chamber, making the bong easier to clean while also keeping our hit smooth and pleasant tasting.

And then, when it comes to cleaning the glassware, if you use a cleaning product such as Molino Glass Cleaner, your double percolator bong will look shiny-new again in no time. This cleaning solution requires no scrubbing, so there’s even less chance of damaging your new bong. Simply leave the bong to soak with the cleaning solution inside. Add one part cleaning solution to ten parts warm water, then let it soak inside your bong. Afterwards, give the bong a rinse and let it dry, and hey presto! You have a sparkling-clean bong again! But you should always test the bong after cleaning with a good, long hit, just to be sure!

Our Final Thoughts on Glass Percolator Bongs

So now you know what to look for when browsing the glass percolator bongs available. If you are searching for a bong that’s going to give a super-smooth hit, then look no further than a double percolator bong. Ensure the model you like the look of has ice notches or an ice ring for extra smoothness, and make sure you get some bespoke cleaning products to keep your new bong in tip-top condition and give smooth hits time after time.

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