Is a Tall Bong Better Than a Smaller Bong?

Ahhh, the age-old debate: does size matter? When it comes to choosing your next weed bong, there are a few factors to consider, and the size and the shape of the tube should be amongst those factors. There are short bongs, tall bongs, fat-bottomed bongs, and straight-tube bongs. The different designs on offer all have their pros and cons, and we’re going to help you choose which of these glass weed bongs will best suit your needs and style of smoking, and provide you with the best hits from the bong.

The Benefits of a Tall Bong

Bigger is better, right? Well, the honest answer is “sometimes,” as it will depend on your specific bong needs. But a tall bong definitely comes with some important advantages. The main advantage is that a tall bong will often provide a smoother hit than a shorter bong. This is partly due to the larger air space inside a longer downstem. Inside a tall weed bong, the smoke has a longer journey compared to when hitting a shorter bong. This increase in distance will lead to an increase in the cooling of the smoke too, which should help us avoid those hacking coughing fits that often accompany a long session with a shorter bong. A tall bong will also hold more water in the base for the smoke to pass through, aiding the cooling process further. Cooler smoke will irritate the throat less, adding to the overall enjoyment of your herb-induced high.

Another benefit of using a tall bong on your date with Mary-Jane is the extra volume. A larger internal volume can translate into a larger amount of smoke – so not only is our hit smooth, but it’s also a bigger hit. Bigger hits mean less time reloading and more time chilling.

The Benefits of a Short Bong

While we are all seeking the smoothest hit from our trusty bongs, sometimes there are other factors influencing our bong choices. One such factor is portability. A tall bong is less portable than a short bong. If you are looking for a great bong to take on adventures and get close to nature with, maybe you should look at a smaller bong for this purpose.

Short bongs are also easier to conceal, or put away in a cupboard out of sight. So, if your grandma is often visiting unannounced, and you don’t want to have a huge bong as a centerpiece in your front room, you may prefer the convenience of the shorter bongs.

Which Shape Bong is Best?

The two classic bong shapes feature either a straight tube or a flared beaker-style water chamber. Your first thought may be that a beaker-style bong will hold more water, which should cool the smoke better. And while there is some truth in this, it is not the whole story. A tall straight-tube bong, such as the elegant Black Widow Glass Bong, will still hold plenty of cooling liquid in its base, and in addition to this, can be more versatile when it comes to adding features and having replaceable parts.

One such feature to look out for is whether or not the bong has either ice notches or an ice ring. Molino Glass’s excellent choice of sturdy tall weed bongs all come with ice notches or ice rings inside the downstem. These notches or rings allow you to place a chunk of ice inside the downstem, where it will rest on the ice notches/rings. The smoke will be drawn past this ice, cooling it even further and providing us with a deliciously cool hit.

The design of a straight-tube bong also makes it easy to handle and grip. A long, straight glass tube allows you to get a solid grasp of the bong, minimizing the chances of both spillage and breakage.

What Else Should You Consider?

The straight-tube design also lends itself well to cleaning. Nobody enjoys a dirty bong. A straight, glass tube is very easy to clean compared to a beaker design. If you use an organic cleaning solution to care for your bong, you won’t have to worry about any contaminants lingering in the tricky-to-clean angles, detracting from the overall taste of your fine bud.

A straight-tube bong design is also more accepting of add-ons or replacement parts. With Molino Glass’s fine range of straight-tube bongs, the downstem is usually replaceable. This means that, should you have a clumsy moment after a particularly potent hit, you may not need to throw the whole bong away. You might be able to simply get a replacement downstem, saving you some money to replenish your bud supply. And to help further, Molino offers Bong Care Insurance to help with the replacement part costs. If you do have a tendency towards clumsy after-hit moments, make sure you choose a bong with thicker, high-quality glass, such as this beauty with 9 mm thick Pyrex glass.

Another feature to check for is whether or not the downstem features a diffuser. A diffuser will force the smoke to split up into smaller bubbles as it passes through the water. This adds to the cooling process, providing a smoother hit. Many of Molino’s tall, straight-tube bongs come with this feature, and they also offer replacement downstems that include a diffuser if you are looking to upgrade your current bong.

Our Final Thoughts…

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a tall straight-tube bong! These elegant water pipes are the perfect addition to any smoker’s arsenal. Smooth hits; easy cleaning; a comfortable grip; and the ease with which accessories or replacement parts can be added. All these factors mean you will love your first straight-tube, glass bong. Factor in the range of elegant and colorful designs plus the superior quality of the glass used, and you will be as high as a kite that you opted for a tall, straight-tube bong from Molino Glass.

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