Sherlock Pipes: Why you should own one

You don’t need exceptional powers of deduction to see why glass Sherlock pipes are so in-demand. It’s elementary, my dear Pot-son — they look cool, and they deliver a super smooth hit. Ever since the actor William Gillette first used a calabash pipe in his portrayal of the fictional London detective on the stage, this distinctively-shaped pipe design has become synonymous with Sherlock Holmes. Makers of glass hand pipes for smoking marijuana have also taken this cool design on board, and you can enjoy your best buds whilst looking cool with a Sherlock weed pipe. But before you make your first Sherlock pipe purchase, we should examine the two different designs of these fine glass pipes: the Sherlock bubbler and the Sherlock pipe, and see how they hold up against the standard glass spoon pipes.

Sherlock Hand Pipes

A standard glass Sherlock pipe is similar to most glass weed pipes in terms of functionality. We have a main body made of high-quality glass, a carb hole, and a bowl. Where the Sherlock pipe differs is in the aesthetics – the design incorporates a long, downwards-sloping stem, with an up-turned bowl at its end. The longer stem allows for a smoother hit than with a regular-sized glass hand pipe or a spoon pipe design. Also, you get to look that extra bit cooler too. Sherlock weed pipes come in an array of vibrant colors and designs. Check out the delightful designs available from Molino Glass—such as this mini dry Sherlock pipe with an intricate flower millie. An additional benefit of the Sherlock is that the ergonomic design lends itself well to the shape of the human hand—in simpler terms, you are less likely to drop a Sherlock pipe than a basic glass spoon pipe.

Sherlock Bubblers

If you are looking for the ultimate in smooth hits and aesthetics, you should investigate the Sherlock bubbler design. The Sherlock bubblers look quite similar to a dry Sherlock pipe, but there is an additional water-filled chamber to draw the smoke through. Pulling the smoke through this water chamber aids in the cooling of the smoke, producing the ultimate in smooth hits. Whilst a smoother, more flavorful hit is highly desirable, the addition of a water-filled chamber does somewhat reduce the pipe’s portability. Never-the-less, if you are a home-based smoker, you can’t go wrong with a Sherlock bubbler – cool aesthetics and a cool, smooth hit will ensure your satisfaction.

Glass Spoon Pipes

A basic glass spoon pipe differs from a dry Sherlock pipe in that it is smaller and has a more compact design. A typical glass spoon pipe is a short, straight design without a curved stem. These smaller designs offer added robustness, but the shorter stem may reduce smoothness slightly. Less flamboyant but more discreet, spoon pipes are an essential piece of any weed smoker’s arsenal. The simpler design of the spoon pipe often translates into a more affordable choice and an easier to clean smoking vessel. The glass spoon pipe is more compact than a Sherlock pipe or bubbler, but the spoon pipe can be a fiddlier pipe to hold, and we can all get a little clumsier after a particularly hazy session – keep in mind that glass does not bounce.

Which Glass Weed Pipe Is best?

Whichever design of glass weed pipe you decide to purchase, you will not be disappointed. The added smoothness and increased enjoyment of your smoking will ensure you have no regrets. The Sherlock designs will give you added peace of mind, as they will feel more secure in your hands. Also, the longer stem will reduce the harshness of your hits, and if you add in an extra chamber for water, as with a Sherlock bubbler, you will immediately notice the added coolness and smoothness of your weed hits. If you do most of your smoking in your own home, why not push the boat out and get yourself a Sherlock bubbler? If you prefer to get high on the fly, the added portability of dry Sherlock pipes or spoon pipes may be the better choice for you. Use your powers of deduction to decide which style of glass weed pipe is the one for you…

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