The benefits of a small water pipe

Recent discoveries have proven that water has been a very important component used in smoking pipes for more than 2000 years. There have been discoveries of ancient water pipes in some areas, which imply that ancestors of those places used water as a smoke filtration method decades before we came along.

This means that people knew that the average smoking experience could be greatly enhanced by filtering the smoke using water. By doing this, the water cools down the smoke, making it less irritable to the throat and reducing the toxic substances.

To accomplish this in today’s world, you’ll need a bong or a water pipe. However, the topic of what size the bong or water pipe should be is controversial and has many cannabis users divided. Some believe big water pipes are the best, while others swear by the smaller water pipes.

We believe it is a matter of personal preference, but here are some significant reasons why getting a bong or water pipe is a great idea.

Benefits of using a Water Pipe to Smoke Cannabis

They come in various styles:

One of the most remarkable features of water pipes is that they are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, which can be aesthetically satisfying and optimized to give the user the best smoking experience. They can be made out of different materials, including quartz and glass.

Effective hits:

Water pipes make one of the best ways to consume cannabis because they offer smoother rides and effective smoking. The water in the pipe cools down the smoke and filters it so that it doesn’t irritate your throat like a rolled joint can.

The pipe has a segment that holds the water, where all the tar and other harmful components filtered from the smoke are held while the cool smoke is transported to your throat.

Offers a clean method of smoking:

Joints can lead to messy smoke sessions because of the ash that falls from it, and for those that don’t have experience rolling blunts, it is pure hell. Marijuana can be spread all over the table and so can ash from a poorly rolled joint so that the whole thing looks dirty and discouraging.

Pipes change that because getting high will no longer require rolling paper, meaning any ash, so you don’t have to worry about getting an ash pot or cleaning your table later.

Are small pipes better?

Where water pipes are concerned, size is essential, but it truly depends on how you utilize it. The length of your water pipe should depend on what you want from it. Bigger may be better, but it is not always functional, depending on your goal.

A big water pipe is best for people who partake in group sessions because most times, you’ll always need helping hands to take care of business. Small pipes or small bongs will not give you this problem as they are made to be portable.

Big pipes may be nice to look at, but many don’t know that they also produce an increased level of smoke. This means users will burn more flowers and also have to take multiple hits to clear the smoke generated in the process.

Big pipes also have an increased risk of breaking because of how long they are, but small pipes are usually stable with a balanced center of gravity to prevent tipping. Small water pipes are also easy to use as they can be easily stored or transported without a hassle.

If you wish to use water pipes as dabbing tools, then a small dabbing rig will ensure the vapor remains concentrated because there is little room for expansion as opposed to large water pipes.

A mini dabbing rig will keep the vapor concentrated and allow you to enjoy the flavor better while using less concentrate. Thus, small water pipes are considered more superior to their larger counterparts if you know how to utilize them properly.

Also, remember that size is not the only thing to look out for when hunting for water pipe. and convenience are important factors. Mini rigs are more durable and easier to set up because they require fewer materials.

If those are all things you’d like to benefit from, then, it is advisable to go for a small pipe or mini dabbing rig.

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