Types of Percolator Bong

Choosing which percolator bong is the ideal one for you can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry there are plenty to choose from and each has its own characteristics. In this simple guide, we’ll talk you through the merits and show examples of each.

A percolator is a chamber that holds water. Heated smoke from cannabis has to pass through it before you inhale. They serve two main purposes. The first purpose is the provide extra filtration of the smoke. Passing through the filter two or three times removes more of the byproducts of the heated weed. Secondly, they work to slow the smoke’s progress through the chamber so that it spends more time in the cooling water. The more intricate the bong the cooler the smoke.

If you find that taking big hits from a standard glass bong is causing you to cough, then a percolator might well be the answer. People often say that using a percolator bong loses both flavor and potency. Whilst this is slightly true, the effects are extremely minimal and the reasons are not the ones often cited. Smoke is not water-soluble so it is not the water that can change things, merely a slightly increased residue left on the dry glass inside the percolator. But as we say, it’s very minimal.

Percolators very often incorporate diffusers to further filter the smoke. Basically, instead of a straight tube connecting to the water chamber, they have tiny holes, which create lots of tiny bubbles in the smoke. The more bubbles, the more of the smoke’s surface area contacts water.

Single Percolator Bong

Single percolators consist of one percolator, but two chambers. They are the simplest of percolator available. A perfect first-time purchase if you are considering moving up to a perc.

Example:Black Jet

The Black Jet percolator bong looks cool with it’s black highlights and the contrasting gold Molino Logo.

Double Percolator

As it sounds this is a bong that has two percolators meaning three chambers. Double the percolator, means double the filtration and cooling. They also look pretty cool as well.

Example: Onyx Passion

The Onyx Passion percolator bong is like the Black Jet, but adds an additional percolator chamber for more cooling.

Disc Percolator Bong

Example: Stemless Triple Disc Percolator Bong

Disc percolators have the advantage of being somewhat smaller than most others, although this one is a larger sized percolator bong with 3 disc percs.

Twister Percolator Bong

Twisters are terrific to use; almost as much fun watching your friends use them. The smoke spirals through the diffuser to great effect. They can have either one or two diffusers.

Example: Twister Percolator Glass Bong

This twister combines the best of percolators with a double chamber bong a healthy-sized beaker and a splash guard.

Example: Double Twister Percolator

Double the bubbles and double the fun. These are amazing pieces of equipment.

Honeycomb Percolator Bong

These are even more complex than the twisters. Incredible filtration and diffusion to create the coolest cleanest smoke around.

Example: Stemless Honeycomb Disc Diffuser

An incredible looking and wonderfully efficient piece of glassware, sure to impress your friends.

Shower Head Percolator Bong

These are extremely efficient as the showered creates a huge amount of bubbles. They also look amazing when in use. The bubbles create quite an image as they make their way through the water.

Example: Mephisto V2 Percolator Bong

The Mephisto V2 Stemless Percolator Bong calls upon an amazing amount of technology. A lower chamber to hold the weed, an upper with the shower dome and ice notches to cool the smoke even further.


Some remember a percolator bong is simply a glass bong, which enables the smoke to pass through water rather than traveling straight to your lungs. Often they are used in conjunction with an added diffuser. The more complex the diffuser the slowly the smoke travel and the cooler the hit. Whether you want a full size 50 cm tall unit or something smaller there is always something available that is ideal for your taste.

Percolators are incredibly popular, and not without good reason. They enable you to take bigger hits without burning your throat, they filter most of the impurities out of the smoke and they are a very social way of enjoying your weed.

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