Weed Grinders for Bowls and Blunts

When it comes to kicking back and enjoying a chilled session with your best nugs and buds, convenience is king. Whether it’s bongs or blunts that float your boat, a good weed grinder will always make your stoner life easier. No more sticky fingers or scissors; just fluffy, evenly-ground, green goodness. And it takes a matter of moments. But which one should you get? There are a few different styles of grinders for weed, so let’s have a look at their different features to help you select the best one for you...

Wooden Weed Grinders

If you ask around, most people will probably tell you that their first weed grinder was made from wood. Wooden weed grinders are a very popular choice as they are simple and inexpensive. It would be a great purchase for anyone looking for their first grinder. They are also perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-replace grinder to take out and about on adventures, when there is a chance of you misplacing it.

Wooden grinders definitely serve a purpose, but they are not perfect. Hence, it is the least expensive option. They usually consist of two wooden halves, with blunt metal teeth inserted into the wood. Over time, the teeth gradually become a bit looser and eventually fall out. But by the time that happens, you have usually had your money’s worth of usage from them first.

The other downside of wooden grinders is that they are not easy to keep clean. The constant pressure and rubbing motion causes resin to build up in the base and the lid, making the grinder ‘sticky’ and less easy to turn.

But, as they are inexpensive, they are the best weed grinders to take on camping trips or to festivals...

Metal Grinders for Weed

If you are looking for the best weed grinders, you should definitely check out the metal ones. They are more robust than their wooden cousins; you will be grinding weed together for a long time. Basic metal weed grinders are a simple two-piece design, similar to the wooden grinders. The main benefit is they don’t shed their teeth over time, as they are machined from solid pieces of metal—the teeth are not inserted separately.

Another benefit is that metal weed grinders are easy to keep clean, and you will not get an issue with a buildup of resin, which would hinder the spinning action. If you get one with a ceramic coating too, it will keep turning smoothly for even longer.

But if you are going to invest in a metal grinder, you should check out the four-piece designs. With a four-piece design, the top two compartments act in exactly the same way as a wooden weed grinder. The lower two compartments are a special extra benefit...

The third layer down features a fine gauze. After grinding, your freshly ground weed will sit on top of this gauze as it is too big to fall through it. But what will fall through this gauze is the kief - the extra-potent pollen.

Over time, the kief will build up in the base (the fourth piece), and when enough has collected, you can sprinkle it into your blunt or your bowl, then kick back and give thanks that you invested in a four-piece metal grinder for your weed!

The Best Weed Grinders Are. . .

At the end of the working day, when the clock strikes twenty past four, none of the weed grinders will disappoint you. Wooden grinders are great for your first grinder. They’re also great for taking to festivals because they’re not expensive to replace if they get misplaced. If you are looking for the most convenient and easy-to-use item around the house, then why not treat yourself to an electric weed grinder? But perhaps the overall best grinder for your weed is a four-piece metal weed grinder. They’re extremely robust, long-lasting, cool-looking, and easy to clean. And don’t forget to keep checking on how much kief is building up in the base!

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