What are Stemless Bongs? A Deep Dive

It's easy to get lost when searching for stemless bongs for sale. There's a million ways to filter smoke through water. The only limit when it comes to bongs is the glassblower's imagination– and possibly your wallet.

Let's take a moment to focus on one style: stemless bongs. We're going to look at what stemless bongs are, some pros and cons, and why people love them. Let's hit it!

Stemless Bongs: What Are They?

You may be wondering "What is a stemless bong? How is a stemless bing different from a regular bong?"

A standard bong is made of three parts: the bong, the downstem, and the bowl. The downstem is the glass tube that connects the bowl to the water chamber of the bong.

Regular bongs have a removable glass tube. Stemless bongs have the glass tube built into the bong.

A stemless bong has only two parts: bong and bowl. Stemless bongs have a glass tube that functions as the downstem. However, this glass tube is not removable. It is built into the bong itself. Most stemless bongs look pretty similar to your standard tube bong.

What’s The Difference Between a Stemless Bong and A Regular Bong?

Alright, now you know what stemless bongs are, so which one's better? Stemless or regular bongs? It's a matter of taste.

The main difference between these bongs is the angle of the bowl. On a regular bong, it gos at a 45 degree angle. On a stemless bong, it's at a 90 degree angle. If you prefer to grind your flower before placing it in the bowl, the 90 degree angle makes it easy to put the bowl out by placing the grinder on top. Some smokers also prefer the hand feel of a stemless bong.

So which hits smoother, a stemmed or stemless bong? Whichever has more percolators. If we're looking at two bongs and neither of them have percolators, the regular bong has more potential. You can put a diffused downstem in a regular bong for a smoother hit. You can also put an ash catcher on a regular bong since they're made to go at 45 degrees.

That said, more parts means more parts to clean. Most stemless bongs can be made sparkling with a bong brush and some cleaner.

FAQ: Stemless Bongs

We’ve covered the basics of stemless bongs. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty.

What’s The Average Price of A Stemless Bong?

For any large high quality bong, you should be expecting to spend $100-200. Stemless bongs are no different. You’ll want to get something with thick glass. Thick glass makes the bong more durable and gives it a heavy, stable base.

The bong will also vary in price depending on percolators. Stemless percolator bongs tend to be fairly pricey. More percs make the bong more expensive. If you're looking for a budget option, small stemless bongs cost less. Molino Glass has some great stemless mini bongs.

Do Stemless Bongs Hit Smoother?

How smooth any bong hits, stemless or regular, depends on its percolators. More percs make the bong hit smoother.

The neat thing about stemless bongs is the tube can easily be fashioned into an inline perc. This way, you can have multiple chambers of filtration. It's also pretty easy to put multiple honeycomb percs into a stemless bong.

Another thing that makes bongs hit smoother is ice. If your bong has ice notches or an ice ring, you can add ice to cool down your hit. All of our colorful stemless bongs have an internal ice ring for smoother hits.

Is It Easy To Clean A Stemless Bong?

How easy a bong is to clean is much like how smooth it hits: it depends on the percs. If your bong has no percs, that's simple. All you need is some bong cleaner and a brush. You can even use piper cleaners, they just take a little longer to get the job done.

If you’ve got a stemless percolator bong, cleaning is a bit more difficult. Not all percs clean the same. Tree percolators are notoriously difficult to clean in any bong. Honeycomb percolators are much easier to clean.

Overall, stemless bongs are pretty easy to clean.

Our Top Pick For Stemless Bongs

Now that we've learned all about stemless bongs, we know you want answers. Which stemless bong is our top pick? We're crazy about stemless percolator bongs.

Our top pick is this Stemless Triple Disc Percolator Bong. It has three easy to clean honeycomb percolators. It provides one of the smoothest hits out of all of our stemless bongs for sale.

We hope this handy guide has helped you on your bong buying journey. We know this stuff can get confusing, but at the end of the day, it's all good!

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