What are the differences between a bong and a mini dabbing rig?

When it comes to smoking weed very few things come close to the quintessential classic joint, otherwise known as a marijuana cigarette. A bong is about as close as you can get to reaching the title “classic” for smoking tools outside of the coveted joint.

A mini dabbing rig on the other hand isn’t necessarily known far and wide like the classic, and instead, is considered the future for all stoners alike. We at Molino Glass are here to take you along for the ride with a great selection of mini dab rigs that are sure to get the job done. Not to mention our great selection of glass bongs that reach farther than any classic has gone, with fresh, modern bold designs, percolators and attachments that drag the old straight into the new.

We have it all here at Molino, from the everlasting age-old papers, to bongs simple and complex, to small dabbing rigs that can be both easy going and intricate. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's slow down and grab a quick comprehension of the two. What even is a bong? Or hell, what even is a mini dab rig for that matter? Buckle up, because we’re about to break it all down for you. And no, we’re not talking about breaking your precious glass pieces.

Speaking of breaking, our extra thick glass for both bongs and dab rigs are made to last. There are no anxieties when it comes to smoking from out of our glass pieces, only the smooth relaxation of a perfect hit. And that is exactly what you’ll get when toking from out of a Molino Glass bong.

Molino bongs are built to last and withstand any beating you might give them with glass up to the thickness of 9 mm thick. Now that is some strong glass! These bongs do a bang-up job with their smoking capabilities too. Guaranteed to deliver a wallop of hit, you can never go wrong with the simplicity of a good old-fashioned bong. That’s one thing that sets them apart from a mini dabbing rig: simplicity! If you can light it, you can pretty much smoke it. You simply fill the base with water just enough to cover the little slits on the down stem called a diffuser, fill you bowl up with ground weed, light it up, inhale and take the bowl out to pull the remainder of smoke through the tube and out of the mouthpiece finally making it to your lungs. Although there are other more significant differences that set the two apart, including but not limited to what is smoked from out of each one. A bong is more suitable for flower whereas a dab rig is more suited for dabs, hence the name.

Mini dabbing rigs really couldn’t be named otherwise. They are, of course, a dab rig at a much smaller size than their own counterparts let alone a run of the mill bong. Bongs usually come in a standardized height at around 8 to 9 inches but oftentimes reach to the skies at a good 19 to 20 inches. On the other hand, a small dab rig comes in at around 5 to 6 inches. These petite pieces, although inherently tiny, deliver the massive hits you would expect from something like a 20-inch bong with no stale flavor of weed smoke that has been left to sit. The vapors are almost immediately filtered through the water and diffusers sparing no time entering your lungs with a promising hit. In order to use one of these bad boys though you’ll need your cannabis concentrate in which a dab rig was intended for. You’ll first wrap some shatter, budder, wax and so forth on to your favorite dabbing tool. We at Molino Glass offer a great selection of simple easy to use dabbing tools all the way to the more complex and intricately designed tools. Next heat the glass banger till the bottom has reached a red-hot feel to it, let it cool for only a moment, swirl the concentrate inside the heated banger and as the dab melts inside, inhale through the mouthpiece. A carb cap comes next. Instead of taking the bowl out of a bong to clear the smoke, you will gently add and remove pressure from your carb cap to the glass banger in order to clear the vapors from your rig.

You can hardly ever go wrong when it comes to deciding whether you want to smoke from out of a bong or a mini dab rig, and you can NEVER go wrong when it comes to choosing from our beautifully unique and oftentimes simple selection of the two. Stop by and find your new favorite glass piece that not only compliments your very own style but fulfills your needs as a stoner. And remember, when you buy yourself one of you our mini dab rigs we also throw in an interchangeable bowl so you have the best of both worlds! As always, happy smoking Molino gang!

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