What is an Ashcatcher?

Getting high is pretty amazing don’t you think? but you want to know what’s not amazing? Finding debris in your glass bong. This right here is the reason why ash catchers were developed.

An Ash catcher is simply an accessory we connect to our bong to prevent ash or debris from contaminating the water.

How does an Ash catcher work?

An ash catcher is modified in such a way that it seizes ash right before it pollutes your bong or lugs.

It is made up of two joints attached at different positions. One is attached directly to the bong, while the other is to the bowl.

The smoke moves down from the bowl into its chamber, where the resin and debris will be filtered off before it goes into the bong’s connecting joint. This process leads to less debris, thereby reducing the workload on the bong and making it easier to be filtered off.

Apply caution when adding water to your ash catcher as you do not want the contaminated water to go into your water pipes. In event that occurs, you need not panic as it can be rectified with the aid of a K-Clip.

A K-Clip works by locking your ash catcher to your water pipe in such a way that it eliminates the possibility of dirty water flowing back to your pipes.

An ash catcher can include percolators, these are known to make smoking with your bong more pleasurable and easier to inhale.

Why use an Ash catcher?

No one loves those haunting experiences when you can not hit it with your bong because it is too dirty, you can’t even come close to it because of the awful smell it produces which now makes us procrastinate our smoking, thereby delaying the scintillating experience.

So vividly, the reason we use an Ash catcher is to reduce the stress of having to always clean and maintain our bong.

It also helps with the dispersion of smoke leading to less toxic smoke and an enjoyable experience. The concept of them being easy to maintain makes them more valuable and a cheaper option to have than spending loads of money getting in-built percolators.

They can be easily removed and offer versatility when used with different glass items irrespective of their varying sizes.

For an overall enjoyable experience, they are better used in collaboration with other accompaniments such as conventional percolators, regular stems, and dispersion slides.

They come at different prices depending on the size and distinct designs.

How to Select the right Ash catcher

There are different Ash catchers according to their functions, some function by using percolators as filters, while some function only for eliminating ashes and do not reduce the smoke, and others have no need for water at all to meet their optimum capacity.

Irrespective of these functions, there are key criteria that have to be nailed down while selecting an ash catcher that suits your taste. They include:

The Ashcatcher’s Joint size

They usually come in one of two sizes: 10 millimeters and 14.5 millimeters.

With that, you can carefully match your ashcatcher to it’s complimentary joint sizes. In cases where they don’t fit, a joint converter can go a long way in helping you adjust the size.

The Ashcatcher’s Joint Angle

This is a very important criterion and if you get it wrong, it renders the ash catcher futile.

There are two standard angles, the 45 degrees, and the 90 degrees, so it is paramount that you get an angle that suits your bong.

The Ashcatcher’s Joint Gender

I know this might sound hilarious but it’s true, bong joints indeed do have genders. The male joint has to be fitted with the female bong joint and the female bong joint be fitted with its male counterparts.

While positioning, you have to ensure that the female bong joint goes on top of the male joint making room for the male bong joint to slide into it. This is a very critical step and caution should be exercised when performing it.

The Weight of the Ashcatcher

You have to make sure that there is a balance between the Ash Catcher and the bong. The larger the ashcatcher, the heavier it will be and if care is not taken it can destabilize the bong.

Ashcatchers are an ideal accessory for the following types of smokers

  • Those that hate expending too much time to clean their bong each time they want to make use of it.
  • Those that hate interrupted smoking sessions and love to revel in the moment
  • Those that think their bong is too big to be cleaned
  • Those that want a less smoke, cooler experience
  • And finally, those that want long smoking sessions without having to regularly change the water in their pipe.

The Ashcatchers we sell at Molino Glass

If your concerns are among those listed above then you need not worry because we at Molino are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best experience when hitting it. As our slogan states, we aim for the highest, meaning we are very intentional about giving the best satisfaction to our customers.

Stem-less Inline Pre-cooler with Engraved and Colored leaves.

This is notable for its uniqueness and can be connected to any bong joint of 14.5 mm. It connects with the bong to create an exotic look. It’s not only an attractive piece but also works effectively to filter off the ash. The leaves come in different colors, including blue, silver, purple, and white colors to match your preference.

They are made up of the highest quality Pyrex and are small and compact for better portability. They also contain a small round cup, which provides all the smoke and bubbles you would need for the scintillating experience.

The Classic Pre-cooler

As the name implies, It possesses an exquisite structure with a height of 10cm and a joint size of 14.5mm. It is made up of the toughest grade pyrex and comes with an accessory- A Chillum 14.5 with a length of 7cm. All of these are engineered toward optimizing the surreal experience.

The 4-Leg Diffuser Pre-cooler

Its eye-catching designs set it out from the conventional Ashcatcher / pre-cooler. It stands 11cm tall with a joint size of 14.5mm and a top cut of 14.5mm.

It also contains a 4-leg diffuser for better filtration and comes with a 14.5 mm Round Cup.


Mad Scientist Pre-cooler

For all you science enthusiasts we have the pre-cooler just for you. It is made up of high-grade Pyrex glass standing at 9cm with a joint size and top-cut of 14.5mm each. We designed this product to have the feel of a vaporizer and come with a Round cup as an added accessory.

This masterpiece will be a worthy addition to your collection if you are looking for the Mad Scientist experience.

Shower Head Diffuser Ashcatcher

This is a worthy addition to your bong, it is easily fitted with the bowl and bong joint at the two ends. It comes in 14.5mm and 18.8mm depending on your preference.

Made up of high-grade pyrex and standing at 13 mm, this product is made to ensure a super-cooling effect whenever you are hitting it with your bong.

It comes when a Round cup, as an added accessory.

Scientist’s Swirl Pre-cooler Ashcatcher

This product contains an inbuilt swirl percolator diffuser that releases a lot of bubbles and offers a great filtration system.

It is made up of the highest grade Pyrex standing at a height of 13cm for portability.

It has a connection joint size of 14.5mm and a top cut size of 14.5mm as well. When purchased, you will receive a complimentary Round Cup as an added accessory.

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