What Type of Weed Bong Smokes the Smoothest?

When it comes to selecting a weed bong, we are all seeking the ultimate smooth operator. But how can we tell which bong will give us the smoothest hit? Well, let’s have a run through of the main types of bongs for weed and see the differences between them, so we know what to look for when we are choosing our next piece of smoking paraphernalia. We’ll discuss the different materials used to make bongs and talk about whether size is an important factor or not. So, if you are about to get your first weed bong, or are looking for an upgrade or a replacement, read on to find out how you can ensure your next bong will be super-smooth and durable.

You are probably already aware that bongs for weed come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. So, let’s have a run through which of these are the most important factors to consider for your next smoking companion.

Which Material is Best for a Smooth Hit?

There are a few different materials that are commonly used in the manufacturing of bongs for weed. The most common are acrylic (a transparent plastic), ceramic, wood, and glass. The first two mentioned – acrylic and ceramic – are often the cheaper options. Some people avoid acrylic bongs as they get warm with continual use, and this can affect the taste and smell of your hit. Ceramic weed bongs tend to give a smoother hit than the acrylic ones, but they can be a little on the fragile side, and we’ve all had our clumsy moments after a big rip from a bong!

And then we have wooden bongs and glass bongs. Many people like a wooden bong for smoking their herbs. And often, this is a matter of aesthetics—some prefer the look and feel of a wooden bong. And that’s okay, but if you are choosing a bong based on its smoothness, you should focus your attention on the selection of glass weed bongs on the market. The first thing you will notice is that they come in an array of shapes and sizes, and we’ll delve deeper into that in a moment.

But first, why is the glass weed bong the smoothest bong type? One factor is the smoothness of the glass itself, which lends itself well to easy cleaning. Cleaning a wooden weed bong is not so easy, and over time, the smoothness and taste of your herbal hits will diminish. If you maintain your glass bong well, using an organic glass cleaner, you can maintain that straight-from-the-box smoothness. In addition to keeping your hits smooth, keeping your weed bong clean and bacteria-free also helps keep any nasty smells to a minimum.

Another factor in the smoothness of a glass bong for your weed is that glass is less reactive than other materials and will not interfere with the flavor, as acrylic bongs may, when you rip your favorite bud. The smoke can flow freely through the clean, glass tubes without having its taste tainted by bacteria or plastic.

Is a Big Bong Smoother Than a Small Bong?

So we have narrowed our choices down to bongs made of glass. What else should we consider? Well, size is important. Some say they don’t notice a huge difference between a long bong and a short bong; others swear by the bigger bongs being smoother. The truth is that pulling your hit through a longer downstem will allow the smoke to cool further than it would on a shorter journey with a smaller bong. When it comes to getting a smooth hit from your weed bong, bigger is better!

What’s a Diffuser Downstem?

Another glass weed bong feature to be aware of is the diffuser downstem. A downstem that incorporates a diffuser in its design will strain the smoke, making many more smaller bubbles than a downstem without a diffuser. This ensures more contact with the water, which cools the smoke even more. The result? Well, a smooth hit from your new best friend – the glass weed bong with diffuser downstem!

Are We Cool?

No, not yet… Just one more factor to consider – how to cool the smoke even further. Ice is the key here. Many downstems are also fitted with ice notches. These allow you to place a chunk of ice inside the downstem. The ice sits on the notches rather than sliding all the way down into the water chamber. The smoke passes around the ice and will be cooled further for even more smoothness. The bonus is that as the ice melts, it drips into the water chamber, cooling that water slightly too. Now we have a super-smooth-hitting weed bong!

So, Which Bong is Smoothest?

Our final thoughts here are that if you are looking to get your hands on a super-smooth bong for your weed smoking, look at glass first and foremost. For added smoothness, look for a larger bong with a diffuser downstem, and if possible, ice notches too. And if you are wondering where you might be able to find a glass water bong with all those features, look no farther than this item of beauty from Molino Glass – the classic 50cm-tall American Bong!

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