Why choose a beaker base bong?

Information is key to enjoying your experience as a stoner, and this stands true, especially when you are a first-timer. Without information, you wouldn’t even know what to buy to get the optimum experience.

And if you’re no stranger to the world of cannabis, information is what you need to max out that experience. In this article, we bring you a crucial piece of information on bongs. Bongs have become quite popular in the cannabis world in the past few years, and every day, more and more people are picking one up because of the smooth smoking experience you can get from them.

There are different types of bongs, and they can be created with various materials, including glass and metal. Needless to say, the materials have a big effect on smoking with a bong; but they are not the only things people consider when purchasing one.

Another important thing is the bong design. Like the materials that can be used, bong designs also come in different varieties and perks. There are carburetor bongs, straight-tube bongs, beaker-based bongs, round base bongs, multi-chamber bongs, percolator bongs, and homemade bongs.

All the above-named bong designs have their own peculiarities, but this time, we shall discuss the beaker base bongs and what makes them so great.

Beaker Base Bongs

Beaker base bongs are not dissimilar to straight tube bongs. The major difference between the two bong designs has to do with the shape of the bong.

In the case of beaker base bongs, the bottom flares out into a cone shape resembling a beaker which is why it has the name beaker base bong. Straight tube bongs are known as the simplest design for bongs; they are made of a simple tube closed at one end with a stem and bowl sticking out the side.

The beaker bong, which is sometimes called the “scientific glass bong,” has a long narrow neck that flows down to the characteristic wide base beaker bongs are known for.

The simple tube bong is great, but the beaker base bong has proven to be a better choice for several reasons. One of those reasons is the stability the beaker base bong offers because of its ingenious design.

Good stability means that the bong will not tilt when you’re busy smoking, and in a general sense, it will prolong the life of the bong. If this has convinced you to purchase a beaker bong, you should also know that there are different types of it.

At Molino, you can find all the different types of beaker bongs you desire, and you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth. The beaker bongs getting sold by them have clean lines, and the signature Molino logo engraved down the neck comes in various bold colors.

The glass beaker bongs offered by Molino are highly recommended but with good reason. Glass beaker bongs possess extra value in their bottom chambers, meaning that they can hold more water to cool down the smoke and hold even more of it.

They are also very stable compared to the common cylinder bong. The glass beaker bongs are so sturdy that they can be rested on your laps if you feel too high to get the bong comfortably to a table or shelf.

At Molino, all the glass beaker bongs utilize thick glass that can be as thick as 9 mm and as slim as 5 mm. The thicker bongs have been said to be more durable even though they do not perform better, but the slim can look more aesthetically pleasing.

Molino beaker bongs offer a stable and intense smoking experience, and they don’t sacrifice style to accomplish this. Each piece in our collection was hand made by us and comes with our guarantee of client satisfaction regardless of which bong you choose.

The price you for a good beaker bong depends on the glass's thickness and the size you wish to purchase. Molino has beaker bongs of 5 mm, 7 mm, and 9 mm thickness. A 40 cm tall and 7 mm thick Molino glass beaker bong fashioned from borosilicate glass is valued at $99.95, while the 9 mm glass beaker bong is available at $149.95.

It is Molino’s pride to be able to offer such high quality products at affordable prices. Join the family today.

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