Mini Dab Rigs

Useful information about Mini Dab Rigs

A mini dab rig is a smaller version of a dab rig. Like their larger brothers these mini water pipes are designed for the consumption of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are different from flower in that they have a higher concentration of THC. They are like mini bongs, but different, although you can use them to smoke flower by using a bong bowl instead of a dabbing nail.

Mini dab rigs are infinitely more advantageous than their counterparts, and here’s exactly why

  • Easy to clean: Because of their relatively smaller size, mini dab rigs are easier to disassemble and clean, especially when compared to larger water pipes which are inherently difficult to clean. They can also be stored easily too because they don’t take up a lot of space

  • More potent: By design, mini dab rigs keep the potency and flavor of the concentrate intact. There’s less room for air within the water pipe, and this gives the dabber a more authentic and fully waxed experience.

  • Portability: If you are constantly on the go, the ability to bring your pieces with you can be extremely useful. This is a significant advantage of mini dab rigs, as they can easily fit inside bags and be brought along for the ride.

  • Cheaper: While the price of mini dab rigs differ based on what its made from and who’s selling it, it’s still cheaper than other water pipes. Of course there are luxurious rigs that are super expensive, but mini dab rigs are the go equipment if you want quality, while on a budget.

Using a mini dab rig is pretty easy. All you need is a mini dab rig, a torch, and some concentrate. One thing you have to notice is the type of banger you’re using, and the thickness of the banger because that will affect the cooldown time after heating.

Apply the torch to the banger till the flame becomes orange, then wait for it to cool down for about 50 seconds, depending on the thickness of the banger. If you have a thermometer you can measure the temperature, but if you don’t, just hover your wrist over the banger till feel the kind of warmth you get when you open an oven after baking pies.

When you’re ready, use the dabber’s tip to bring your concentrates into contact with the nail or banger on your dab rig.Then you can begin inhaling immediately to avoid letting any vapor go to waste. You can even put the carb cap on the banger, but that’s entirely up to you.

The simple answer to this is YES! Mini dab rigs are considered to be even more efficient than smoking. Even if you only have a small amount of concentrate left, it is frequently sufficient!

You can smoke with confidence knowing that your dab rig will provide you with an intense, powerful, flavorful, and strong hit and taste no matter what type you choose, regardless of size or brand. Whatever size you choose, you can have a user-friendly and intense hit that is suitable for people of all skill levels.

So if your goal is to get high then by all means use dab rigs. It’ll get you there faster, and you’ll love the journey too. There’s a reason it’s gaining more popularity these days.

Most glass companies are now getting into the mini dab rig game. That’s because they’re so awesome.

To begin with, the smaller size of these things (sometimes as small as two and a half inches) means that the vapor enters your lungs in the most efficient way possible. Dabbers have embraced these smaller rigs, and if you want the best possible smoke with the best flavor, you should consider purchasing a mini dab rig.

So, unless you’re going to do crazy 1+ gram dabs, go for a smaller rig for the best flavor and experience. Remember, it’s vapor, not smoke, so the larger the rig, the more vapor there will be.

Mini dab rigs can cost anywhere from $15 for a cheap Chinese item straight from China, to hundreds of thousands for a one-of-a-kind custom. If you wish to buy from China, the full setup will cost you less than $50. Pretty cheap yeah? The quality will not be the best, but given the price, the value may be among the best you can obtain. You could also acquire a piece from a lesser-known Instagram artist, and many of them will have rigs for under $100 that are at least slightly better quality than the Chinese rigs..

The rig is almost always made of glass. But you want a quartz nail though, that’s always best.