How Much Should a Weed Bubbler cost?

Why did the chicken cross the road? This is a question that has many different answers. However, one question I do have the answer to is what do you get when you cross a pipe with a bong? A bubbler. Weed bubblers have grown in popularity among the cannabis community in recent years. This is down to a plethora of reasons. For example, the bubbler’s smaller size makes it perfect for on-the-go use. Thanks to the water cooling and filtration system, weed bubblers produce silky smooth hits. These handy little devices are the perfect mix of pipe and bong.

While all this information is probably making you want to jump online and order yourself a bubbler to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. However, before you buy there is one more question I will do my best to answer. That is, how much should a weed bubbler cost?

This question, like our first question today, has many answers. As with all products we buy both smoking and non-smoking related the cost can vary massively. But before we delve into how much a good bubbler should cost it is important to understand what factors affect the cost of a weed bubbler.


What is the best material for a Weed Bubbler?

The type of material used can affect the price point of a bubbler. A weed bubbler can be made out of a wide range of materials including metal, silicone, glass, and even wood. However, when it comes to glass bubblers they stand out from the crowd as by far the superior bubbler material. Pyrex glass in particular is an excellent glass for both bubblers and bongs. This is due to their resistance to high temperatures. As you can imagine your bubbler will be exposed to plenty of flames over its lifetime. It must be able to stand the heat so as not to break and also to protect the herb. You will most certainly pay a little extra for a glass bubbler but you can rest assured you will have it for a long time. Glass also offers cleaner smoke so your lungs don’t have to deal with any unwanted chemicals. The thickness of the glass is also an important price factor. The thicker the glass the thinner your wallet will be.

Molino glass currently stocks the Reactor V2 – Bubbler Bong. This is a perfect example of a top-shelf bubbler with all the high-quality features consumers are looking for. This bubbler bong is made of sturdy 5mm Pyrex Glass and has even been updated with a thicker base.

Method of Production

The method of production can be a contributing factor to the price of a bubbler. Customers will pay a much higher cost for a bubbler that has been hand blown or with extra artisanal work. You are paying for that extra handmade touch compared to mass-produced bubblers. This can also mean the glass work will include color and extra little details which is why many consumers will be happy to pay an extra few dollars. Some bubblers are even made to look like guns or cute animals. And you know I will pay extra to smoke out of a gun shaped weed bubbler or an elephant-shaped weed bubbler.


Style of the Weed Bubbler

As we have discussed on this blog before, bubblers come in many different styles. This list of bubbler styles is long and ever-growing as smokers and cannabis enthusiasts invent new ways to improve and reinvent the bubbler. There are sherlock bubblers, hammer bubblers, pendent bubblers, and double bubblers. Each style of bubbler brings something different to the table and to get your hands on these extra advantages you are going to have to pay a little extra. For example, Molino’s Bubbelito Bubbler Bong is a bubbler that has an awesome shower head diffuser and two chambers. This offers even better filtration and cooling when smoking that green herb.

Conclusions about Weed Bubblers

All in all, there is a big list of reasons why a bubbler may be more expensive or a little cheaper. As with almost any product in life you get what you pay for. So we recommend saving those pennies and getting yourself a bubbler that is not only high quality but will last a little while. You can get yourself a good bubbler from Molino Glass right now for anywhere between $60 and $100. Not only is Molino Glass’ delivery fast, secure, and discreet but offers free shipping on all orders over $50. Now you’ve waited long enough, go get yourself a bubbler from Molino Glass today.

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