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Reactor V2 - Bubbler Bong

Reactor V2 - Bubbler Bong

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Reactor V2 stemless glass bubbler percolator bong by Molino Glass.

Amazing filtration effect and lots of bubbles.

Updated 2021 version with a Scientific mouthpiece, a clear joint and a new thicker base.


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm (stemless)
  • Stemless System
  • 10-Leg Percolator Diffuser

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Stemless Bubbler Bong with Percolator

The Reactor V2 from Molino Glass Bongs is a stemless glass bubbler percolator bong. It is made from our usual thick and heavy 5 mm Pyrex glass. This little baby has a 10-leg percolator diffuser for extra bubbles. The strong base and a 14.5 bowl provide Molino’s trademark strength and stability. Added to the high bubble rate is an amazing filtration effect. This little bubbler percolator bong stands at a mere 22 cm but packs a real punch. A 14.5 mm stemless joint and round cup add functionality in abundance.

Proven Pyrex Glass Technology and Great Design

Don’t let the small size fool you. Take a full hit from this and you stay hit. The technology here make this bubbler punch way above its weight. It’s ultra strong,being constructed in our trademark 5mm Pyrex. Not just a hard little chap, the Reactor will withstand all the heat that you throw at it. We are confident that this product will give you years of faithful service. Like all products from Molino Glass Bongs, the Reactor V2 is made to last.

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