Our 6 Most Popular Full Sized Percolator Bongs

If you are looking for the most popular Percolator bongs currently on the market, we have plenty that are selling incredibly well. Take a look at our full catalogue, from which you can choose the one for you. Many people ask us why choose a percolator bong in the first place, so let’s look at some of the advantages.

What are the advantages of Percolator Bongs?

It doesn’t really whether you are new to smoking or a life long smoker, at some point you will have already or will in the future coughed after taking a hit. It can be very unpleasant. We’ve all laughed at someone in our company coughing and spluttering with tears rolling down their cheeks. The medical explanation for this is that you have taken in too much smoke, filled your lungs to capacity and the natural reaction of your body is to cough and thus expel some of the smoke quickly.

A precursor to the cough is often that tell tale tingle or burning sensation at the back of your throat. This is caused because the smoke is coming directly from the heated weed, via the chamber into your throat. By cooling the smoke this is almost 100% eliminated.

What is a Percolator Bong?

A percolator bong has one or more additional chambers to hold water and special features that cause smoke to create lots of small bubbles. These are usually found in the the main shaft of the glass bong. Whilst designs vary tremendously, especially here at Molino Glass Bongs, they all effectively serve the same purpose. The idea is to increase the water to smoke ratio. This will cool the smoke more effectively and make for a much smoother smoking experience for our customers.

The most popular percolator bongs on the market, will all achieve this. The slower the smoke passes through the water, the more efficient the cooling will be. Add to that ice notches and by the time the smoke reaches your throat it has cooled substantially.

Here are 6 of our Most Popular Percolator Bongs

We guarantee that all of our percolator bongs will offer a super efficient cool smoking experience. The differences are mainly aesthetics and where you are going to use them. The larger items are normally enjoyed by our clients in the comfort of their own home. If you are going to a party you are unlikely to want to sit on public transport with a 50 cm high glass monster perched on your knee. The smaller items will slip into your purse or pocket.

Mad Scientist V3

This huge 50 cm tall and 5 mm thick Pyrex monster of a bong holds a special place in our hearts. This, for us, was where it all really took off. The popularity of the Mad Scientist range put Molino Glass Bongs on the map. We are constantly striving to improve it, but our customers simply love it.

It has two blown glass chambers. The upper one of which has a new design removable 7-Arm honeycomb percolator diffuser. The arms are attached to the inner tubing. The lower chamber has a cool 7-arm inline percolator. This double percolator system is not only very effective but it’s fascinating watching the smoke as it makes its way through the whole system.

Looking like something you’d find in a laboratory and having such a crazy nature, the name seem to almost invent itself. It was our first massive seller and still remains one of our most popular percolator bongs. As we always say, it’s not just a bong it’s a Mad Scientist.

Black Jet Percolator Bong

The Black Jet is a good example of a straight forward Single Percolator Bong. It is simplicity itself in design and construction, which is its strength. The black cup presents the lit weed to the bong. The Straight Tube provides the chamber in which the smoke can develop. And the single percolator nestling at the bottom of the neck slows the smoke as it passes through the water. Just above this there are ice notches. The smoker drops ice cubes in, which are prevented from falling into the water by these notches.

The smoke is slowed down by this combination of diffuser, water and ice. Therefore by the time it reaches your mouth, it has cooled significantly. We think that the Black Jet is a stunningly beautiful yet simple design. It has always appealed to our customers and thus has remained one of our most popular percolator bongs.

O2 V2 Percolator Bong

This perfectly shows the difference between a straight forward glass bong and a percolator. It’s just a straight forward uncomplicated glass beaker bong with the addition of a 4 arm percolator in the neck. It’s mid-sized and mid-priced among our range.

Even a simply design like this will slow the smoke down significantly. It is uncomplicated and that is reflected in the very sensible pricing. Ice notches once again complete the job.

This product also clearly, if you’ll excuse the pun, demonstrates why we use Pyrex Glass. The crystal clarity that it offers is second to none and allows the smoker to see the route that the smoke takes.

The O2 V2 Percolator Bong is available 18.8 mm Joint or a Percolator Bong with a 29 mm joint
Both versions come with a downstem that acts as an adapter so you can use a standard 14.5 mm bowl.  The downstem is also a diffuser.

Bubble Rocket Stemless Percolator Bong

This is what happens when we let our designers loose. The Bubble Rocket is a stemless bong with an effective screen diffuser and a shower head percolator. We have found that the shower head works extremely well. It also has a double chamber filtration system.

We have found this to be a popular percolator bong among our more adventurous customers. It is obviously designed for home use rather than parties. This is though, one of those pieces that is almost as much fun to watch while others are using it as it is when you do.

This bong requires significant expertise from our glassblowers. It looks fragile but with 5 mm Pyrex it has significant strength.

Mephisto V2 Stemless Oil Rig

As with the Bubble Rocket above, the Mephisto can also be purchased as an Oil Rig. We took the V2 model of the Mephisto as our base line and with the simple addition of a quartz banger, it becomes a great Oil Rig. So if concentrates are your thing, this is the one for you.

Concentrates work particularly well with this type of product. They burn hot and so the extra cooling capabilities of our most popular percolator bongs, make perfect sense. Suitable for all kinds of concentrates, the banger will take oils or wax or whatever you throw at it.

By adapting our bongs we have built a fine reputation among users worldwide. The joints fit superbly, so switching between herb and concentrate is no problem. This model is a fine example of that capability.

Mephisto V2 Stemless Percolator

The Mephisto V2 Stemless Percolator Bong is a fine example of a straight forward no nonsense percolator. Many people think that these bongs have to be incredibly complicated. However with creative design and the finest technicians amazing results can be achieved.

This looks simple yet achieves good filtration and efficiency. It stands up straight but will bowl you over. A double chamber system employs our unique shower dome percolator system. Ice notches finish the job perfectly

It gets its name from the fictional character who appearis in the American comic book series from Marvel Comics. This of course in turn was inspired by Mephistopheles from the Faust legends. Think of letting Stan Lee loose in our workshop and you’ll get the idea.

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