Juicy Jay Blunts Wham Bam


One of the most popular cigar blunts on the market. They are triple dipped for outstanding flavor. Two per pack

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Juicy Jay Blunts

Juicy Jay Blunts come in 6 flavors and are a cheap and effective way of enjoying a ready made smoke. They are one of the most popular cigar blunts on the scene. Triple dipped for outstanding flavor. Each pack contains two Juicy Jay blunts. Roll a fat one and enjoy!


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History of the Blunt

The use of blunts originated in New York with the rise of the cannabis culture. The Phillies Blunts brand of cigars were hollowed out and filled with weed. Nowadays cigars or or cigarillos are generally used. They provide a simple inexpensive way of enjoying a smoke. To cigar smokers a blunt is normally simply a cigarillo that has been split and rerolled to be slightly wider. However within cannabis circles it has been rerolled to contain your favorite herb.

Blunts are not for everyone as the tobacco leaf carries a small amount of tobacco to the smoker. But for many they are an extremely effective way of enjoying your smoke. Juicy Jay Blunts are top quality and Molino Glass Bongs stock 6 flavours for your enjoyment:

Juicy Jay Blunts available:

Cat No: Name

JJBlue – Blue  

JJInfra – Infrared

JJRed – Red Alert

JJTrip – Trip

JJTropical – Tropical 

JJWhamBam – Wham Bam


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