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Mad Scientist Glass Bong V2

Mad Scientist Glass Bong V2

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A True Molino Glass Bongs Classic.

Perfect cooling and filtration system which feels like a vaporizer.

This is not just a bong,  it’s The Mad Scientist.


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height:  33 cm
  • Diameter: 46 mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Hook to remove the Percolator
  • Double Chamber System, Great Filtration
  • Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 (PBA-1013) – Length 8 cm
  • Round Cup – Joint Size: 14.5 mm

Accessories – included when you buy this Mad Scientist Bong

Mad Scientist V2

It’s Alive! With a maniacal laugh and, to huge acclaim, the Mad Scientist Bong was born. This is glass bong manufacture at the absolute top of its game. If our team of experts had collaborated with Doctor Frankenstein, this monster would have been the result. The V2 is the second version of the true original Molino classic. This is where it all started. The original Mad Scientist V2 percolator glass bong was one of the first percolator bongs on the market. It brought tremendous success and popularity to the Molino Glass brand. At 33 cm high and with a diameter of 46 mm, this double chamber, amazing percolator bong delivers in an unbelievable manner. The percolator is removable for easy cleaning. With the incredible filtration and cooling effects this bong offers you’ll think it’s a vaporizer, it is that good. It’s funky appearance is a work of art. It will make an amazing addition to your collection. This really is the perfect, scientific pre-cooler. Not just a bong, it’s the Mad Scientist!

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