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Quartz Banger, Male - 10mm - 45 degree

Quartz Banger, Male - 10mm - 45 degree

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The 10 mm Quartz Banger - 45 Degree

A quartz banger is a name given to what many users call a dab nail.

Molino Glass Bongs manufacture ours from high quality quartz crystal. The banger delivers the terpenes in cannabis. Using one of these means that you taste nothing except the concentrate’s full flavor. This is the part of your dab rig that heats the concentrate and changes it into a vapor.

Whether you are looking to convert your bong to a dab rig or a replacement part for your existing rig, this is the perfect product. The Quartz Bangers from Molino Glass Bongs are manufactured to exactly the same standards as all our products. only top quality materials are used and joint sizes are accurate ensuring the perfect fit every time.

  • Joint Size Male - 10.0 mm
  • Banger Angle: 45 degrees
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