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Wooden Grinder Leaf Logo

Wooden Grinder Leaf Logo

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Tobacco Teak Wooden Grinder with Laser Engraved LEAF Brand Logo

  • Diameter: 2 inches / 5.5 cm
  • Height: 1.25 inches / 3 cm
  • 2 Part, Handmade

Why Use A Wooden Grinder

For many people a grinder is an essential piece of weed paraphernalia. Using one produces a smoother smoke and also makes your cannabis easier to carry. Why not make a wooden grinder part of your arsenal. They are inexpensive and many find that they enhance their smoking experience. Grinding your chosen herb, before smoking, will make it much easier to use.

Ground herb is generally less harsh, as the consistency becomes more standardized. Whole buds can sometimes affect the fluidity of the smoke. Whereas ground weed will normally smoke cleanly and evenly. When it comes to joints, this means being able to roll tight, smooth joints that smoke efficiently. Practices use of a wooden grinder will ensure that you avoid unpredictable hits.

In addition instead of wasting your trichomes, a wooden grinder from Molino Glass Bongs will enable you to collect them to use later.

As you use your wooden grinder fine trichomes and cannabinoids will collect either on the walls or in the bottom of the chamber. This is known as Kief and is much stronger and of greater purity than regular buds. Enjoyed responsibly, This can greatly enhance your experience. The intensity of its high makes for a great time.

Grinding weed really does bring out the inherent natural flavours. Upon opening the grinder the natural aromas may overwhelm you. For some people, it is purely about the high. However, for others the improved taste and flavour of ground weed really enhances their smoking experiences.

Enhanced Portability

Your wooden grinder from Molino Glass Bongs acts as a handy transporter for your herb. The tight fitting lid keeps the weed safely stored inside. This has the added attraction of hiding the natural aromas. Nobody will know the contents of your pockets.

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